Tata Tiago meets with an accident in Andhra Pradesh. There were two occupants in the car who have lost their lives despite the cabin being intact. The reason we believe could be no usage of seat belts. There is no damage on the inside of the car. 

This was a frontal impact and the driver seems to have either lost control or ended by driving on the divider. This had a huge barricade that has been destroyed for some distance. This states how quick the car was. This says a lot about how well the Tiago has been built. Nothing happened to the cabin and the dashboard looks in tact. There was no harm inside and there are no airbags also. Also, let us understand two important things:

  1. Airbags will not work if you do not work seat belt. The reason being that if you haven’t worn seat belt, during an impact the person will be pushed forward and deploying airbag will do more harm to the people. So an airbag is deployed only when you wear a seatbelt.
  2. Front airbags are deployed when there is a front impact and above a speed of 20km/hr. This is an important fact to know. This case is a front impact one.

We have been impressed by Tiago’s build quality and today all the automakers clear the Indian crash test norms. The more stringent norms will be levied in April 2019. This is when it will be compulsory to have dual airbags and ABS as a standard feature. There will be off-set (side) crash test norm also.

Tata Tiago Crash

Always wear a seatbelt and drive safe. Your safety is our primary concern. Please spread this message with all your friends and increase the awareness and importance of seat belt. We just have one life to live.

Image Source: Srihari from ATOM


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