Mahindra Blazo

The Indian automotive industry has been seeing a push in technology. A lot of it is driven by the enhancement in the commercial vehicle segment. Mahindra has been setting new standards in all the domains and CV is no different. After introducing multiple new products, the company had got the Mahindra BLAZO a while ago.

This is an all new smart truck that has been introduced many exciting features. A lot of focus is emphasised on reliability, service and even road side assistance. Mahindra has delivered a strong product for the best. Mahindra’s Mileage Guarantee is being extended to BSIV vehicles as well with 12 Cr KMs of on-road experience. Till now, no truck has been returned. This speaks for itself. Normally there is a drop when upgraded to lower emission norms, but Mahindra continues to offer the same mileage on the BLAZO BS IV.

Pulling Power

To begin with, the Mahindra BLAZO comes with a 7.2-litre diesel engine that churns 274bhp of power and a whopping torque of 950Nm at just 1100rpm to 1700 rpm. It gets the CRDe technology— the same one that we have seen on the Scorpio. These qualities and more can be found in Mahindra’s BLAZO range. This enhances the performance of the truck and with power at such low torque, the engine doesn’t get stressed to pull heavy load. There are multiple types of trucks available, and depending on the usage, 6-speed and even 9-speed transmissions are offered. This is world-class technology, helping businesses to grow faster. Mahindra BLAZO is available in different sizes depending on the load carrying capacity. It can carry from 25 tons to 49 tons.


Faster means lesser mileage. But this isn’t true with the Mahindra BLAZO. There is a highly sophisticated FuelSmart technology. This improves the fuel efficiency of the BLAZO. It comes with multiple driving modes – Turbo, Light and Heavy. When there is heavy load and the road is an uphill task, Turbo can be used. If the truck is fully loaded and must ply on a highway, can use Heavy. When the truck is returning empty, the switch to use is Light. This helps in improving mileage without hampering the performance. There are switches to change the mode as per Road and Load conditions. Better performance reduces delivery time and better mileage saves money.

Smart truck

We all love and enjoy using smart technology, be it in our phones, laptops or other gadgets. Mahindra BLAZO has been termed as the Smart Truck making it more efficient and desirable. Below are the reasons why:

  • A live-tracker helps to detect movement of the trucks. This makes fleet management easier.
  • A real-time vehicle health monitoring system is handy
  • Warnings/notifications help to solve issues. For instance excessive idling.
  • In case of breakdown, there is assurance of quick back-up from road-side assistance on the Mumbai-Delhi highway. The assurance is of 2 hours.
  • If the truck isn’t serviced within 48 hours, Mahindra offers to pay Rs 1000 per day.

Mahindra Blazo

It’s Environment-Friendly!

The BLAZO is BS IV compliant and it uses the AdBlue technology as well. This means operating at the highest level of technology for minimal effect on the environment. This makes it a better truck for all purposes.


For improved braking, this truck comes with ABS. This improves the braking capacity of the truck and enhances it ability to stop with ease with complete control.

More Comfort

If the driver is comfortable, he can drive for longer time and will be fresh for more trips. The Mahindra Blazo has all the comfort features like a three-way seat adjustment, tilt and telescopic steering wheel, comfortable sleeping berths, four-AC vents for better cooling. There is a music system that keeps the driver entertained and engaged.

Mahindra has also created an online portal  where customers can order spare parts for Mahindra BLAZO.This has made it easier and hassle free for our customers to find the spare parts of the truck.


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