Most of the Indian cities have high levels of pollution. There is smoke from the cars, industries and then there is dust particles that are kicked because of sweeping and the blowing wind. But then how do you get rid of all the dust in your car. Well, when I was initially approached to use an air purifier in the car, I wasn’t certain if its usage. The car I drive is always clean and I maintain it. I used it for a couple of days and everyone at home who sat in the car didn’t feel much of a difference. My car is always clean and it goes from home to office parking. These all places are clean and I didn’t really get the point of an air purifier. 

So, I moved it into my wife’s car. The very same day, I was driving her car and a friend decided to smoke a light. I wouldn’t have allowed this in my car, but then I realised that the air purifier was on and this could be its test. So, I let him smoke. My wife is sensitive to smoke and I had about 45 minutes before I got home. Hence, I decided to test this system. I allowed my colleague to smoke his cigarette only half way, with the fear that the car shall get contaminated with the cigarette smoke. So after I dropped him, I kept on trying to smell if any of the smoke was persistent. As I had witnessed more smoke, I wasn’t able to judge if the car had the smoke smell in it. That night I was due to go for dinner with my wifey and she was waiting for me. I picked her up and any second I was anticipating her to declare there is smoke in the car and she cannot tolerate it. We were 15 minutes in already since she got in the car and there were no complaints. This is when I realised that the Moonbow Car Air Purifier has done its job. I’m not certain if it did work, so I tried another experiment.

Moonbow Air Purifier

This time I stuck it in a family member’s car whose factory is under construction. Due to the cement and other dust particles, his car is always dusty. You feel it many a times from the moment you get into a car. The boy has had many cough attacks and got maximum whenever he drove back from the construction site. When this was implemented in his car, the severity of cough did see a reduction. So, this is when I did understand about how useful this thing is and how.

Those who have a habit of smoking and want to keep their car smell-free and then those who travel to places with a lot of dirt or dust. This is ideal for them. The good bit about the Moonbow Air Purifier are the lights that show the purity of the ambience. This is useful especially to understand the air quality.

The fan on the air purifier could have been more silent. Also the device could be a tad smaller also. The pricing of this device isn’t very high and worth the price if it is useful for you. There could be many more reasons why a purpose shall need an air purifier, I have discovered only two. Moonbow is available on Amazon India. Click here to know the tech specs or purchase it.


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