A couple riding across 18 countries

Meet Anuradha and Manas Dewan-a couple who is setting out on an ambitious journey: a motorbike trip spanning 100 days, 18 countries and 20,000 kilometres across Europe and Asia. Their quest: to bond with strangers, experience world views across cultures and connect with like minded people across geographies. They will share their experiences in their website www.DostiOnWheels.com

Manas explained the motivation behind their journey: “The real world exists outside the four walls of our office or home. It is an incredible place, beauty surrounds us, humanity exists in every corner. Our gypsy heart could not be contained any longer so we decided it is time to live this dream.”

Anuradha elaborated: “The venture out, bond with the unfamiliar and seek out deeper meaning- it has been an enduring desire for us… just like most other people. We decided to pursue this dream despite existential demands- and the rest followed.”


At 43 years of age, Manas has been a corporate professional, most of his career. Previously with Mercedes-Benz (General Manager for Communication and Strategy) his recent assignment was with the OTE Group in Oman as their Chief Marketing Officer. His previous assignments (in Communication / Marketing) were with organizations like Times of India, Allianz and Indiacom. His wife Anuradha (aka Anu) holds a Ph.D. in Philosophy and is a Life Coach, a Corporate Trainer and is involved with social causes.

The 100-day Odyssey of the Dewan couple will stretch from Spain till Turkey through France, Germany, Austria, Swiss, Litchenstein, Italy, Czech, Slovakia, Hungary as well as the Balkan states. Enroute, they will explore national cultures, cuisine, dance, music and attitudes- taking in the experience through the eyes of a local craftsman here, a motoring enthusiast there, a dancer willing to teach them a new step, or a grandmother willing to teach her secret recipe to a new Dost (friend/ami/freund/amigo/arkadas). Their motorbike is the Ducati Scrambler, reinforced to take on the arduous journey and further equipped with customized luggage carriers. Live the special moments with them as they meet new friends and experiences. Visit www.dostionwheels.com and follow them on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook.