Tata will be launching its new compact SUV, the Nexon, early next year. We have already driven it and here is our detailed review.The Nexon has already created a lot of buzz when its was showcased at the Auto Expo 2016, earlier this year. Does the Nexon have the stuff to challenge its toughest rival – Maruti Vitara Brezza? On one there is the favourite brand of many – Maruti Suzuki and the other hand is Tata Motors, which hasn’t failed to make an impression yet. Read more to find out the Tata Nexon vs Maruti Vitara Brezza Comparison.

Two compact SUVs by the largest car makers in the country. This will be an exciting battle. Maruti Vitara Brezza has been loved by many. Not just for its styling but even for its reliability. On the other hand, Tata Nexon is here to impress and kill. This new compact SUV promises to offer a lot more at more affordable pricing. A bit early to come to any kind of conclusion, but the company is looking at offering more bells and whistles and at the same continue with its appealing designs. Tata has worked on the design of this new SUV, offered it with more features, a petrol engine also and of course better performance too. So to say in a few words the Nexon does look appealing and has its strong points, which can make it a better choice than the Breeze. But is it really better in the real world? We share all the details.

Tata Nexon vs Maruti Vitara Brezza Design

Tata Nexon front

The Tata Nexon follows Tata Motors’ new Impact design language. It looks stylish and this new compact SUV looks a lot different from the competition.The side profile of the Nexon has a sloping roof and there is a sharp crease that rises with the belt line. There is a thick C-pillar and the large 16-inch tyres make it look sporty. The rear windshield is small and there are small tail lamps. In terms of styling it looks appealing and the company is targeting young buyers who are now shifting towards buying SUVs. The Nexon has more of a crossover design. This does look fashionable and trendy. It will make you look at it again. Most of the SUVs offer chrome but the Nexon doesn’t do that. What it gives is more style and fashion. What it has is different styling and design.

The floating roofline adds glam to the styling
The floating roofline adds glam to the styling

The Vitara Brezza is based on a new C-platform and it follows the new design language.The Vitara Brezza has a thick chrome grille running across and large headlamps.The side profile of the Vitara Brezza is similar to that of the Vitara. The B-pillar is blackened and the shallow glass area makes it look like an SUV. The rear also somewhat resembles the Vitara styling.The tail lamps are small in size. The overall design of the Brezza is more sUV-like and it does have the boxy and rugged element to its design when compared to the Nexon, which doesn’t look anything like this.

The Vitara Brezza has traditional looks, whereas the Nexon has radical looks. The Brezza is more butchy in styling and the Nexon gets more of the crossover styling.

Tata Nexon vs Maruti Vitara Brezza Interiors

Tata Nexon interior

The Tata Nexon’s interiors are all new and have been designed from scratch. The Tata Nexon has a three-spoke steering wheel with controls for audio and voice commands. A new instrument cluster is used on the Nexon and it has twin dials with a driver information system sandwiched in-between. The Nexon will come with features like keyless entry, push start and stop button, a 6.5-inch touchscreen infotainment system with reverse parking camera, maps, aux, bluetooth and USB connectivity. This music system makes through eight Harman speakers. The quality of materials used, the touch and feel of the materials feels so much better. There is a hint of premium ness in the ambience. There is even rear AC vents and this comes with a blower speed control too.

The interiors of the Vitara Brezza look sophisticated
The interiors of the Vitara Brezza look sophisticated

The interiors of The Vitara Brezza SUV has an all-new dashboard. The plastic quality on this SUV is decent, and the fit and finish is good. This is a five-seater SUV that comes loaded with features like keyless entry, push start button, there is an integrated infotainment system with touchscreen, satellite navigation, reverse parking camera, bluetooth and even USB and aux input. The Tata Nexon has a more contemporary looking interiors while the Vitara Brezza has a simple look. The Nexon seems to have better interiors.

In terms of space, there isn’t much of a difference. Both offer good amount of space and the Nexon and the Brezza are practical enough. Even the boot on the two is similar, just that the Nexon is a tad larger, which is a minor difference of about 22 litres at the most.

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Tata Nexon vs Maruti Vitara Brezza Engine

Tata Nexon will be offered with a 1.2-litre turbo petrol engine. The diesel one will be a 1.5-litre one that shall churn out 108bhp of power and 260Nm of maximum torque. These are newly developed engines by Tata Motors and the both will come with a six-speed manual transmission. The Nexon will come with three driving modes. The Nexon will have the most powerful diesel engine on offer and even has a petrol engine.

Tata Nexon Diesel engine

The Vitara Brezza has a 1.3-litre diesel engine only. This engine isn’t as powerful with only 90 horses and 200Nm of torque. This engine comes with a five-speed manual, while the Nexon even gets an AMT as well. So, the Nexon has an advantage on the Vitara Brezza. In this aspect, the Nexon wins it hands down on paper. In the real world, there isn’t a very major difference in the power of the two SUVs. Both offer good enough power for daily city driving. Of the two Nexon engines, diesel has better performance.

Maruti Vitara Brezza engine

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Tata Nexon vs Maruti Vitara Brezza Mileage

Tata Nexon diesel is expected to return 14km/l in the city, while on the highway it should be about 18km/l. The petrol should be about 12km/l in the city, while on the highway it should be about 17km/l. The AMT should return about 18km/l on the highway, while in the city, it should be about 14km/l.

Tata Nexon vs Maruti Vitara Brezza

The ARAI mileage of the Maruti Vitara Brezza is 24.3km/l, however in real world it is about 16km/l in the city and about 20km/l on the highway. The Vitara Brezza is expected to be more fuel efficient than the Tata Nexon, owing the the lighter weight and less powerful engine.

Tata Nexon vs Maruti Vitara Brezza Price

Tata Nexon should be priced at INR 7 lakhs to INR 11.5 lakhs (on-road). The Maruti Vitara Brezza costs INR 8.4 lakhs to INR 11.4 lakhs (on-road, Mumbai). Even if the two have the same price and Tata doesn’t undercut the Brezza in pricing for the diesel model, the Nexon is a much better product to consider. This is if we leave aside after sales service and resale. But the pendulum twins back in Maruti’s favour with regards to these aspects making it a tie. But in all honesty, the Nexon is a better product if priced correctly.


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