Royal Enfield is one of the most preferred motorcycle brands in the country. These bikes attract a lot of buyers for various reasons. We list out the top five reasons why we love Royal Enfield.

1. Heritage – Royal Enfield is a heritage British motorcycle brand that has survived over decades. It is the only British motorcycle brand to be fully manufactured in India. The bikes are being manufactured in India since 1955. Royal Enfield motorcycles carry the true essence of the erstwhile British biking industry. They are currently sold in more than 50 countries around the globe. Royal Enfield bikes are known for their classic appeal and also a reason why they are popular all over the world.


2. Pride in ownership – Owning a Royal Enfield gives you a sense of pride. It is unlike any other motorcycle in the country.     When you ride a Royal Enfield, people automatically take notice of you. This is one the reasons why a Royal Enfield is a cult and   has numerous followers.

3. Affordability and ease of repair – Royal Enfield motorcycles are affordable machines that give a big bike feel. They are completely localized and hence are not expensive, given their engine capacities.The motorcycle’s engineering is simplistic and hence can be repaired at any roadside garage. Even the modern engines are quite simple and easy to repair.

RE Himalayan motion 3

4. The legendary thump – Royal Enfield bikes have this deep engine thump that is music to the ears. This thump can be addictive and distinguishes a Royal Enfield from all other motorcycles. This is also one of the main reasons why people are attracted towards Royal Enfield motorcycles.

A Royal Enfield proudly stands at the new the company's new exclusive store in Bangkok launched today

5. Symbolises machoism – Royal Enfield provides a sense of strength and also a rustic charm. The brand has built itself from being an army bike to a cult classic. These bikes have a huge fan following and also there are several biking clubs exclusive to Royal Enfield motorcycles.

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