With increasing competition in the compact hatchback segment, the compact sedans are being overshadowed. In August Maruti Swift bagged the best selling hatchback post. But why are people going for a Swift when the Tata Tigor offers a better deal at a lesser price. For starters, it is a compact sedan so that means there is more space on offer. Like this, we will take a look at 7 things that makes the Tata Tigor a better choice over the hatchback.


Tigor Headlights

The price of the Tata Tigor starts from Rs 6.38 lakhs to Rs 8.3 lakhs (on-road). To get a better perspective of where the car lies in the market the Swift comes at Rs 6.1 lakhs to 8.8lakhs. If we look at other compact sedans the price even goes further at Rs 9-10 lakhs. The Tata Tigor offers a good Value for Money deal at a low price.

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Tigor Front

With the new focus of Tata towards safety has resulted in almost all the car to have exceptional safety. The car gets 4-star safety. These are top-rated cars in the compact segments. The swift even though is in the 3rd generation still gets 2-star safety rating. If you compare the Ford Aspire which has 3 stars offers a much costlier deal. The Honda Amaze and Aura have not been tested for Safety.

Tigor start stop

If you are spending lakhs of rupees on a car that is keeping you safe then spending that money does not feel waste. Also, you get ABS along with electronic brakeforce distribution and airbags right from the base variant.


tigor Space

As we said earlier, this is a compact sedan and it will offer more space than a Compact Hatchback. Also, the vehicle gets amazing front passenger legroom which is sometimes missing in some of the compact Sedans. The car is tall which means overall there is more headroom and knee room.

Tigor Interiors

Ther Rear passengers get space but they miss out on the adjustable rear seat headrests. The only catch with space is that the Tata Tigor can not seat 3 people comfortably at the rear. The Safety structure has eaten a little bit in the space at the rear seat.


tigor Boot

This Advantage of a big boot was very clear from the time we started comparing a compact sedan to a compact hatchback. The Tata Tigor offers 419 litres of boot space. 100 per cent of this is usable. The boot also gets insulation which is not even expected in this segment. Also sometimes the boot lid hinge does not intrude in the space of the boot.

tigor Boot

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Harman Music System

harman Speakers

The car gets a Harman Music system along with touchscreen support. It gets the Android Auto and Apple Car Play. The car also gets a reverse camera. The speakers come as 4 main speakers and 4 tweeters which are best in class. Check out our video to listen to the actual quality of the speakers.


Sedan Status

tigor Status

Having a sedan adds to the status of the person. With the new facelift to the Tata Tigor, it has become more PREMIUM. It looks more stylish and added elegance to the product. The all-new maroon tone that we see on in the car has a very corporate appeal to it and falls in the likes of white and grey. Also, the car does not look boxy or like a boot attached to a Tiago. In terms of styling, the facelift does look like some thought has been put into it and made to look better.

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tigor wheels

The driving dynamics of a compact sedan are never a strong point. The Tata Tigor shines here because the ride is compliant and there is plenty of feedback from the steering to call it a good handler. Also, the potholes don’t scrape the underbody of the vehicle which is mostly the case with compact sedans. High-speed stability is also commendable and you feel the car is planted. All in all, it is a fun car to drive.

Tata logo Tigor

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