With the crisis that the Auto Industry has faced all the focus has moved away from probable products that were expected in the market. Definitely these products don’t have any confirmation from the brand but the likeliness of them to come to the market is high. One such product the Activa Electric would make a real good competitor in the Electric mobility sector.

Honda Electric

Activa Electric is just a representation name.  Technically speaking we are expecting an electric scooter from Honda. Now honda has not hinted anything in the international markets but as the sales of the competitor brands pick up it will have to enter this segment soon. And earlier the better.

activa 6G headlight

Currently, we have Bajaj offering the Bajaj Chetak (nostalgia revival) and the TVS iQube as the big brands which offer electric scooter. Ather is a brand which does not sell any petrol scooter but has commendable performance and offers amazing products in electric scooter mobility. Along with this, there are other brands that offer only electric scooters like Okinawa and Hero Electric (not the one which sells the Hero Xpulse). Check out the video of the Pure EV below.

Activa Electric

As there is no official statement or a concept shown from Honda on the electric scooter we can not confirm that the Activa 6G chassis will be shared but to make the bike get a brand recognition Honda could take some inspiration from the Activa 6G. This Activa electric according to today’s standard might get a top speed of 80 km/h and a range of 100-150 kms in a single charge. Honda will have to offer something very iconic to make it stand above the other electric scooters in the market.

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What should be offered?

In the electric mobility scenario, the main problem is of charging. The brands which are already there have tried to solve the problem by offering removable battery. The problem with removable parts is the wear and tear that they face. Also offering a large range means having a bigger battery which is inconvenient to move around.

ather dot charging specs

If a fixed battery is given on the Activa Electric then there will be a restriction of charging stations. Ather has solved that by restricting themselves to Bangalore and developing charging infrastructure. Honda can not do that as it is expected to deliver its product in at least all metro cities. This all can be solved by offering charging systems which could integrate well with the existing charging infrastructure for a while.

BGauss electric

Lastly, this scooter has not even reached the concept stage so by the time we get our hands on the scooter it will at least take 2 years. A lot of development in the charging infrastructure is expected by then. Let’s hope that the Activa Electric is an offering that is as successful as the name Activa is in the Indian Market.

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