BS6 Royal Enfield Bullet Review will basically have 2 major classifications. To start with the bike hasn’t changed much. That major big change is reserved for the upcoming bikes. The 350 Classic is something that has remained true to its roots.

2020 RE Classic Tank and Seat

Same Old but Evergreen Design

The design of the 2020 Royal Enfield Classic 350 has not changed. The silencer has got the new catalytic converter. The shape of the tank, the quarter panel and the headlight remain so classic they look even good as we stand still.

Bike Full

This bike does not look something out of the ordinary. It’s like you ask a kid to draw a bike and the image that he tries to portray is something that you can see in the form of the bullet. The specific test model that we had was in chrome and black.

Cover Image

To sum up design every element on the 2020 Royal Enfield Classic 350 is kept simple and has its character. All this together comes to make up for the character of the 2020 Royal Enfield Classic 350.


The brakes have a slight improvement over the previous one. Dual-Channel ABS prevents accidental skids in this rainy weather. the bike is missing but the effect or progression of the brake remains constant. Having dual disc inspires confidence but there is some amount of nose dive on hard braking. This might the soft suspension setup too. It soaks up all the bumps but if you enter a deep pothole be ready to hear the silencer clang.

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Bit Dated in Features

As soon as you look at 2020 Royal Enfield Classic 350 you notice that there is no LED headlamp, not the dial are digital. Well, these do look good with the classic retro vibe but LED lights are available in Yellow colour too.

Headlight Classic

As of the instrument dial, it gets a plastic cover which might prevent water from entering and fogging it but it does make it difficult to read. But after all the question is how many time will you look at the speed dial.

Speedo Meter

The new addition to the front console is the low fuel light but no indicator. Skipping on a fuel indicator seems like a big disappointment but looking at the positive side it will inculcate to keep the tank filled thereby keeping the fuel injection system healthy.

Another thing might be the wheels. Now the standard wheels that you get are the spoke wheels but the alloy wheels are an add on which cost about Rs 10,000.

RE Standard Wheels

Feel and Finish

Once you sit on the bike and try to move it around the parking space you are definitely going to feel the weight of the bike. This might be more evident if you cannot flat foot on the bike. Even though the seat isn’t that tall it is definitely wide.

Tank Finish

The material used on the seat is good but it did seem to have lacked cushioning. It wasn’t super luxurious but it wasn’t bad either. Also, there is an option of touring seat which has a quilted texture and might be a comfortable option to look for.


The quality of the switches has not changed and the touch and feel of materials are solid. Also, the build quality seems to be good with no ratling even when the vibrations were peaking. Only concern so much metal on the bike makes it prone to rust. We do not claim that the 2020 Royal Enfield Classic 350 will rust as we didn’t test it for so long but there is a chance and you will have to spend somewhat on the anti-rusting products.

Foot lever

Ride and Limits

The first thing that we feel on this new BS6 engine as soon as we turn on the engine is the more bass to the thump. What this directly has resulted in even vibrations. The Fi system has made the bike more consistent and this result in even rhythmic vibration on constant acceleration.

Engine RE Classic 350

Royal Enfield is a bike which is designed in a way that it does not demand your attention while riding. You don’t need to constantly know which gear are you in or what RPM are you shifting at. There is loads of torque in every rev range to push the bike around and the engine is relaxed. Also at low revs when you are moving from a standstill you can actually hear the engine revs drop as you engage the clutch which makes it easy for new riders to actually understand how the bike is behaving. In short, there is room for error on the Royal Enfield if you are not pushing the 2020 Royal Enfield Classic 350.

Before we move on to the limits part lets understand that the engine is a 350cc engine. It does use an old push road system which makes it a bit low revving but the under square design of the engine helps it to make loads of torque. This low compression ratio of 8.5:1 makes the engine an everlasting piece as there isn’t much power that is extracted. It only produces a power of 19 bhp and 28 Nm of torque.

Point Of Video 2

If you compare this bike to the spec-sheets of other bikes it might look like you are not getting a great amount of power but the price is low for a 300cc bike. If you think that displacement is everything and expect a better performance than the Duke 250 just because the engine is bigger then that is not the case.

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If you try to push the 2020 Royal Enfield Classic 350 you will feel the vibrations. As soon as you abruptly gas the bike there a massive surge in vibrations. Also, this does not translate into speed but just increases the sound of the engine. Secondly, all that metal on the bike has its weight which has been spread all around the bike. If you corner the bike hard there are the pegs and the silencer which scrape. If you are looking for anything that you want to push then this bike is a big NO. Something in the 200 or the sporty 150-160cc might do a better job than this bike.

RE Switch Gears

Also then comes the evident heating which is expected on an air-cooled engine that big. That is only a problem when you ride the bike in slippers instead of proper boots. In short, the Royal Enfield is like that old person in the family who everyone enjoys but if you ask him to do things that young people do then it might be fatal.
So why would you pay Rs 1,67,780 for a bike which does not do all that?

Why Buy?

This is a bike that would be for someone who is not into the technical stuff of the bike. Now, this might take fancy to 2 types of buyer. Someone who has ridden other bike and find them too engaging to enjoy the ride or to a beginner who wants to enjoy a ride.

Enjoying the ride is the conclusion that it all comes down. When you buy a bike it all trickles down to one emotion that arises within you while you ride. The 2020 Royal Enfield Classic 350 does that on-point irrespective of the rider (if you don’t drive it crazily). Sure there are the drawbacks which make it a tough bike to settle when there are bikes which offer much more in somewhat less money.

The main question is if all this affects a buyer who buys this bike? No, but if you are looking at it as the purchase that will fetch you value for money then you should think again! For more such content stay subscribed to the Motoroctane Youtube, Google NEWS, Facebook and Twitter


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