With the ever-increasing fuel prices, we all are facing unavoidable stress. A constant worry of how you can save fuel takes away the fun from your driving experience. So here are 5 petrol pump hacks that can help you save some bucks on fuel.

Timed Filling

Fuel Pump Night

Refuelling your vehicle when its dark might sound like a superstition but it has a scientific reason behind it. Most of the petrol filling stations have underground storage tanks. These are usually not affected by the outside temperature. But there is a lot of fuel in the pump unit itself. After dark when the temperatures drop the liquid particle of the fuel contract and occupy less space. So you get marginally more fuel. Now, this might be a marginal increase but if you use your vehicle regularly then this might turn in to indirect savings because of thermal compression

Avoid Round Figures

Fuel Pump Round Figure

Filling fuel in large numbers might be something that we told in the last point, but it does not mean you have to fill up in round figures. If by chance any fuel station has tampered with the coding of the fuel pump to give u slightly less fuel at certain round figures then you can escape that. This simple trick might also reduce the clinging of the change that has been sitting in your door pockets.

Avoid Filling When the Pump is Refuelling

Some of the fuel pumps have protocols to avoid filling while the underground tank is filling up. But you should set this as a personal rule to not refuel when the pump is refuelling. the main reason is the impurities. The refuelling of tank moves the usually settled impurities in the fuel. There is a chance that you might end up having them in your tank. We also don’t recommend waiting. Go to the other nearest fuel pump.

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Over Filling the Tank

Overfilling tank

Fuels that we use in our cars, be it petrol or diesel, is a volatile liquid and it creates vapours. With overfilling we mean by filling to the point where the fuel spills out of the tank. The Vapours that these fuels create build up pressure in the tank. Of course, there are safety pressure values but they might malfunction if you are filling the tank to the brim. This excess buildup of pressure also reduces mileage and engine efficiency.

Refuel when Half

fuel Guage

More air in the tank more is the evaporation rate. So if you drop the fuel capacity below half in the tank you are evaporating more fuel than the optimum limit. Also a fuel injection system on any vehicle work better in the abundance of fuel. This also has the advantage of having extra fuel during emergencies.

All 5 Petrol Pump Hacks are for the long run and will show that your fuel consumption has reduced. They are like a long term investment plan there is low risk and the gain are also regular. Stay subscribed to our Youtube channel and follow us on Google News, Facebook, Telegram and Twitter.


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