We can definitely call Mahindra Scorpio a car which has its very own cult following. And when a car has the cult following, the car itself becomes an identity symbol. When it becomes identity symbol, there are some who ensures it to be a unique one. Let’s have a look at some interesting modified Mahindra Scorpios.

customized mahindra scorpio

Mahindra and Mahindra has a long legacy of manufacturing Jeeps and SUVs (wrongly yet frequently referred as jeeps in India). It’s journey from setting up shop for contractually manufacturing Jeeps in India to well known OEM, is just extraordinary. This story will definitely be incomplete without a mention of one SUV that changed it all: The Mahindra Scorpio. Turning Mahindra into an established and acclaimed OEM can be solely credited to success of this SUV. Originally launched in the year 2002, Scorpio still enjoys healthy fan base even after 18 long years across the globe. In those 18 years, mechanically the car has remained in its first generation only with minor timely updates which helped it stay relevant.

2018 Mahindra Scorpio facelift

In this article we will see few such examples, where owners have turned their ordinary Scorpios into something special.

  • Super Milo: a Mahindra Scorpio Gateway built for a TV Show

custom mahindra scorpio gateway

Mahindra Scorpio Gateway is a special variant with which the company tried to attract lifestyle vehicle buyers. Initially it was only launched in global markets, but later eventually it arrived in India too. This particular iteration was built for a TV show in which Gul Panag drove it from Manali to Leh. Sighting the tough terrain, this SUV has everything it takes to tackle extreme situations. List of add-ons the car is equipped with is exhaustive. The mechanical side of it comprises of raised suspension, high lift jack, heavy-duty winch, snorkel, metal bumpers, additional fuel tank, steel wheels with Cooper Discoverer STT extreme off-road tyres, mechanically locking differential and engine remap box. While to make the journey and stay comfortable and safe it had 100 litre potable water tank, auxiliary lights, roof top tent, roll cage, custom roof carrier, search light, cooking gas burner, oxygen cylinder and radio communication system.

The Scorpio is itself a very capable machine but these accessories truly geared it up for endurance.

Mahindra scorpio Gul Panag

Image courtesy Sarbloh Motors’ Facebook Page

  • Mahindra Scorpio Dark Horse

Mahindra scorpio dark horse

Mahindra & Mahindra owns a subsidiary called Mahindra Customization which is known to make bespoke machines. This division transforms any Mahindra SUV into a tailor made custom car. They offer multiple configurations of Scorpio like Dark Horse, Lifestyle, Mountaineer and Extreme. Our focus would be on Dark Horse edition. It is a dope looking machine draped in matte grey shade with orange accents all around. Front fascia gets a complete overhaul with three pod projector headlamps, wire mesh grill, bonnet with wide scoop and prominent custom bumper housing two fog lamps. When seen from the side, we can notice a solid cast footsteps, rear storage bay and multi-spoke black alloy wheels.

Image courtesy: Mahindra Customisation

  • Fan Made Custom Scorpio

customized off road mahindra scorpio

This is one of the old modification jobs executed so well that it became too hard to ignore. It is one of the extreme mod job we have seen, done by an individual. The menacing front end and reworked body profile is tailor-made in a fabrication shop involving lots of craftsmanship. Then it loaded with parts from across the globe which makes it suitable for its character. The 16 inch rim wrapped in 36 inch high tyres were sourced from America and are housed under those massive flared arches. It also gets WARN Winch, again originating from the States, functional snorkel and bonnet mounted lamps. To finish it off it is painted in metallic black paint. The owner of this modified Mahindra Scorpio definitely deserve huge round of applause.

Source: 4x4Offroads.com

  • Mahindra Scorpio Customized by SPDesign

Mahindra Scorpios F150 Raptor

Now next on the list is a modified Mahindra Scorpio by SP Designs. The inspiration behind this mod job is Ford F150 Raptor truck. Like all above mentioned Scorpios, this one also gets converted to a pick up truck body style. Apart from this, the altered side profile houses new body panels with flared wheel arches. Also you can notice fat rubber with five spoke alloy wheel, which looks gorgeous. The front end gets reworked heavily as it borrows many element from its inspiration. Very Ford like double layered grill with lots of rectangular creases has LED projectors sitting within. Raised ground clearance, bulged bonnet with fake air intake and custom bumpers completes this customization.

Source: SPDesign FB Page

  • Modified Mahindra Scorpio by NY Customizations

NY Customization mahindra scorpio

This is the last custom Scorpio on the list but is the first one to retain the original body profile. As like any custom car, this Scorpio too receives heavy customization on its front end. Wide grill with vertical slats has aggressive headlights on each side with LED rings surrounding it and a eye lids above. Bonnet gets a unique metal frame mounted on it, while a sleek rack sits on the roof top. There is lot of distinct metal work all around like the scuff plates, shortened bumper and side cladding. While the whole body is painted black, military green alloys and tailgate mounted fuel can add necessary contrast.

Source: NYC FB Page



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