Bosch is the leading manufacturer of many important automotive components. They are leading manufactures in many technologies like ABS and fuel injection. During the recent event – ‘Spirit Of The Ride’, we got to catch up with Bosch’s Head Of Two Wheeler Business, Mr. Prabhu Panduranga and asked him a few questions regarding the future of mobility and how Bosch is helping.


MO: What is your take on ABS being made mandatory on bikes above 125cc? Bikes below 125cc will get CBS? Is it enough?

PP: First of all, these two technologies are completely different. So ABS cannot be compared to CBS now. Can ABS be applied to the entire range of bikes on the market? We don’t think it can happen now.

MO: Bosch supplies electric motors to various OEMs. Do you think for electric 2 wheelers, scooters getting these Bosch motors is the way forward before anything big happens? This question is specifically for India?

PP: We believe that electrification is the way forward. But in what way? What kind of volume it remains to be seen. It’s all about market pull.

MO: What is the next safety feature for India? We talked about Radar guided cruise control and proximity sensors coming on bikes today. Do you think all that will come to India?

PP: We are talking about a 2 level safety structure. First is MSE, Motorcycle Stability Control. Next is forward collision warning or blind spot detection and adaptive cruise control. And the third thing is connected vehicles. Peer to Peer connection. And one more step is – E-Call. This system will allow the rider to be located in an event of an emergency or accident.

MO: In the presentation, we saw the MySpin multimedia setup? What is that and will it come to India?

PP: We can offer that. It basically mirrors the phone of the rider and also connects to the rider’s helmet. If a market emerges for this system, we will surely go for it as the technology is ready.

MO: What kind of technologies have you been able to find in the 2 wheeler market that has worked on 4 wheelers as well? Or is it always the other way around, the four-wheeler technology is always adapted for 2 wheelers?

PP: You are absolutely right, it’s always the four-wheeler market that gets everything first. Like ABS or EFI first came for cars and we adopted them for 2 wheelers. But while this adopting of tech happens, the conditions are different, like the ECU for a car will be inside a cabin whereas in our world there is no cabin. So the adoption is different.

MO: Lastly, is there any kind of technology that Bosch has right now that can help curb emissions of old and existing vehicles?

PP: Your question seems to be more about a retrofitting of the existing vehicle with a new kit. While conversion is possible it’s not practical. I’ll say, Bosch components are BS6 ready but the end to end transformation has to happen with OEMs making their parts BS6 compliant too.


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