Cars in the foreign and even Indian market are getting too advanced. Features like gesture control, adaptive suspension, autopilot, sensors for different things and more are retiring old features to the history books. While cars are getting safer, more user-friendly and better to drive we cannot help but think about the long gone years where features like these were crucial or considered trendy and a luxury sometimes. The following is a list of 8 car features that are slowly going extinct –

Column shifter

Old Fiats, Ambassadors and many old cars used to have column shifters. It required technique and a different style. With time this feature of the car has now given way to the tradition on-the-floor setup and has remained since.

column shifter


Cigarette lighters and ashtrays 

There is nothing quite like promoting a bad habit by providing an ashtray and cigarette lighter as a standard feature in a customers vehicle. This is now being dealt with by offering the feature as a special package or an optional extra. In many cities and countries, smoking is banned in Ubers and Taxis or cars with kids.


Pop Up headlights

This was the coolest moving exterior feature of a car before the active aero and adjustable spoiler made us happy again. This feature was not banned or made illegal. It was a cause of concern for pedestrian safety and had to go. Will they ever make a comeback? No. Do we need them? Hell yea!

pop up headlights

Car Cassette Player

Most of us reading this would be old enough to remember that the cars we sat in when we were kids had weird music players. Infotainment and touchscreens have come a really long way now. Earlier a Cassette player would be in place and your glove box or storage would be full of cassette box. Ah, the old times.

car cassette player


Opening Vents

In the past cars or as we will now call them – ‘Vintage Cars’ had a particularly cool and useful feature that were side opening vents. On hot days or in the springtime these glass vents or quarter window vents could be opened to let a cool draft in and it could be set accordingly so that the air did not become turbulent and ruin your hairstyle.

quarter window vents

Do you know any more of these features? Do let us know in the comments section below.


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  • There was one more, the auto opening & retracting radio antenna like the one found in Esteems & Accents. This has given way to the shark fin and even the glass printed antennas found in present day cars