We are always here to help and once you read this story, you can easily conclude if you should get a petrol or a diesel and why? The Maruti Swift DZire is the highest selling compact sedan in its segment and there are many reasons for it. These are the reasons to pick it up:

1)    Maruti Suzuki has the widest service network
2)    Maruti has the best resale value in this segment
3)    It comes loaded with best-in-class features
4)    The engines are powerful and fuel-efficient

The downsides are
1)    Small boot
2)    Not very attractive in styling (some could say that)
3)    Most commonly spotted compact sedan

The Swift DZire has a small boot, so that it is under 4 metres and it will attract a duty cut. This means that the car is cheaper with a compromise of a smaller boot. If you need a three-box sedan for status and will use the boot sparingly, then the DZire is a good buy.

Best variant
If you are looking at buying a Swift DZire, there are three variants, L, V and Z. The L is a base model and barely gets any features not even power windows unless you pick the LXi (O) or LDi. The V variant has a good number of features but misses out on ABS (only in VDi), airbags, Bluetooth, steering mounted controls, engine push start and stop, keyless entry, rear defogger and wiper, climate control, bigger tyres and alloy wheels and even reverse parking sensor. The difference in pricing of the two variants is about a lakh. If you go and buy aftermarket accessories, all this cost about double of this and still you won’t have airbags. So, Z is the best value for money package. You won’t changing cars daily, so why not just buy the Z variant once and for all, as you will be using the car for between three to five years.

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Petrol or Diesel?
This is most difficult question to answer, but we have simplified it. The difference in price of a petrol and diesel variant is about INR 1.2 lakhs (on-road). You need to drive for at least 1300kms a month or 15,600 kilometres in a year to even consider diesel version. Today, petrol costs INR 62/litre in Delhi, while diesel is INR 43/litre.
Let us assume you drive 1500kms a month or 50kms a day. The petrol has a mileage of 12km/l and diesel about 17km/l.
Petrol daily usage: 50/12= 4.167 litres = 4.16×62= INR 258
Diesel daily usage: 50/17= 2.94 litres = 2.94×54= INR 127

Difference in daily usage of petrol and diesel= 258-127= INR 131

So, the difference in the entire year= 131 x365 = INR 47,815

Years to recover the diesel initial investment= 120,000/47,815 = about two years and five months or a bit more if you even count the extra interest that you will pay in your EMIs.


If you drive less than 1500 kms a month, buy the petrol version of the Swift DZire. If you still want to use the remaining money, consider buying the highest model and the rest, can go in your bank to generate interest for you.


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