The leisure motorcycling segment has really opened up in the last few years, and Indian consumers have been spoilt for choice as each manufacturer pulled out all stops to cater to the performance machine demands. At MotorOctane, we understand the difference that the tiny patches of rubber on our wheels make, being that they are the only things keeping us in the saddle, and not off it. So one should settle for nothing less than the best for their bikes. Reality is though, that the biker in us may yearn for the superlative, but it is the state of our wallets that dictates our purchases.

DSC_0109 - JP
Test Fitting the Revz FC 110/70/R17

Our Red Baroness, the Honda CBR250R was living up to its relaxed tourer reputation and the numbers were piling up fast on the odometer. The stock ContiGo’s that had hung on bravely for all this time, were starting to complain, leaving us scrambling for grip at every turn. With a change of shoes on the cards, it was great timing when MRF called to tell that a fresh set of Revz tires from their acclaimed NV Series of Premium Tubeless Radials, was on the way to us.


Our set included the Revz FC 110/70 R 17TL for the Front & the Revz C 150/60 R 17TL for the Rear. While it was a direct swap at the front, the stock size at the rear was 140/70 R17. A quick call with the knowledgeable folks in Chennai put us at ease, reassuring us that the Revz C 150/60 would be just fine at the rear wheel. Being the leading tire brand in the country means that you are never too far away from a MRF authorized dealership and right enough, we had one located in our neighbourhood. Working with the utmost care, the tire-shop team, swapped out the old and had the rims shod with a shiny set of MRF Revz Motorcycle Radials.


DSC_0073 - JP
Test Fitting the Revz C 150/60/R17

While the Honda CBR250R comes with ContiGo’s as standard fitment, the after-market options primarily include products from Michelin and Metzeler. However, both these brands are at the upper end of the pricing charts, with a set of tires costing anywhere upwards of Rs. 12,000/-. To be honest, the MRF’s are a tiny bit lower on outright performance versus the premium competitors, but, the gap isn’t that wide either. Besides, the truth is that a majority of the buyers are looking for something that offers nearly equivalent performance at a wallet-friendly price. And, when it comes to taking care of our behinds in real-world-use, India’s First motorcycle Radial tires are right up there with the rest. What blows the competition away, is the stellar pricing from MRF with the RevzC being priced at an MRP of Rs. 3,462/- and the Revz FC coming in at Rs. 2,589/- Pair this up with the support of MRF’s superior, nationwide sales and service network; and, you realize, just how strong a point the Revz tires are making for themselves.

Do they deliver?

Straight off the slot, the MRF’s managed to put a smile on our face. The Red Baroness grips the road beautifully with her new shoes and there’s none of the floating feeling that we’d get at the front, on the stock ContiGo’s. Moreover, the lower profile at the rear hasn’t upset the excellent ride on the CBR and she continues to give us a plush, cushioned feeling (those softer side-walls coming into play here). Being in Mumbai, we’ve already had a brief run-in with the infamous potholes, but came out of it unscathed. So, it is looking good already. To bring you the lowdown on just how the Revz pair holds up over sustained highway riding, we’ve sent the CBR250R on a long ride down to Chandigarh. So do keep watching this space as we bring you the updates in a few weeks from now.

DSC_0142 - JP
Revz put the grip back into the Honda CBR250R

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