Honda City 2016 is the best seller in its segment and it is way ahead of its competition in sales numbers. At the moment, the company is offering benefits of up to INR 60,000 on some of the existing models. The Honda City 2016 will be offered with different discounts on different models. There is even insurance being offered for INR 1 lakh on some models in some cities.

Honda City 2016 Discounts

CityHonda City discounts
MumbaiINR 70,000
BengaluruINR 50,000
New DelhiINR 100,000

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Honda City 2016 Exterior

Honda City-07

The Honda City 2016 when viewed from outside doesn’t look a lot different from the previous generation as it retains a lot of similarity. The new-generation is an evolution than a revolution. The front has a thick chrome grille and a similar headlamp design like the previous sedan, and its silhouette is more or less unchanged. It is the rear that has got a major upgrade.

Honda City-02

Honda City 2016 Interior

The interiors of the new Honda City 2016 have changed completely and this where major changes have occurred. The wheelbase is longer and so there is more cabin room. The new steering wheel, instrument cluster and the centre console does look stunning and one of the best in its segment. There are a lot more features and even the styling is contemporary.

Honda City-04

For daily use the Honda City 2016 is an extremely comfortable sedan to drive in with large and comfortable seats and one of the best in the segment. There is sufficient space for front and rear passengers. After driving it for a week, we loved the way seating and the comfort it offered. For the rear passengers there is AC and also two charging ports as well.

Honda City-11

We had a couple of issues with the music system, as on some occasions it didn’t connect with the phone and secondly the Bluetooth pairing capacity was full, so it took us a while to figure out how to delete some of the existing Bluetooth connections. The Honda City is certainly one of the products.

Honda City-08

Honda City 2016 Engine

The City that we drove was the diesel, this is the same 1.5-litre aluminium engine— that produces 98bhp and 200Nm— and does duty on the Amaze. The only difference is that it has a six-speed manual transmission. I was looking out for one point where I could find something wrong in the engine. There is sufficient power to drive in the city or even on the highway. There is instantaneous power. The gear shifts are smooth and short. Then the fuel efficiency is mind-boggling as it returns after 17km/l on a mix of city and highway driving. Finally, I need one aspect that needs to be improved. It’s the noise and vibration of the engine. More dampening needs to be produced as the engine is noisy and up to a certain extent there is some amount of vibrations in the pedal.

Honda City-01

After driving around for a week, we realised that the rear suspension is a lot softer for better cushioning on bumpy roads for those who are chauffeur driven. But if you drive fast on bad roads, the ride gets hampered. The handling too of the City is good, even though it doesn’t posses the alacrity of its European competition. The steering wheel is light and highly convenient to drive. The reverse parking camera could sometimes be a bit confusing as the size of the screen is small and it has a wide view of 180degrees.

Honda City-14

The Honda City is certainly spacious, comfortable, feature-loaded, powerful and highly fuel-efficient sedan. What more you get with the City is the premium badge of Honda and a good resale value too in the future.

Honda City-12

Honda City 2016 Price

                     Honda City Price in India

                    Petrol Engine
VariantPrice (on-road, Delhi)
E MTINR 8.91 lakhs
S MTINR 9.66 lakhs
V MTINR 10.25 lakhs
SV CVTINR 10.91 lakhs
VX MTINR 12.01 lakhs
VX (O) MTINR 12.35 lakhs
VX (O) BL MTINR 12.35 lakhs
VX CVTINR 13.24 lakhs
                          Diesel Engine
VariantPrice (on-road, Delhi)
EINR 10.25 lakhs
SINR 10.97 lakhs
SVINR 11.48 lakhs
VINR 12.21 lakhs
VXINR 13.32 lakhs
VX (O)INR 13.66 lakhs
VX (O) BLINR 13.66 lakhs