Indian Driving conditions are not so great anyway. To add to that driving at night just increases the risk of accident to low visibility and some other factors like fatigue. Here are some ways you can improve your driving at night.

Clean Lights

If your car has become dirty after a long highway run, we don’t ask you to clean the whole car right away. But do clean the lights all around the car. Proper illumination at night car help in your visibility as well as lets other people see you.

Additional Lights

Having an Auxilary light on your vehicle during night driving will definitely help you a lot. This also has a downside that you can not use these lights within the city. Also mounting any light above 1.5 meters of the ground is illegal.

Aux lights

If you are getting extra lights make sure you go for a combination of Yellow and White Tint. This will be helpful if you encounter Fog where a white light might not be of much use. If you are running an older Halogen set up on your car check the voltage and intensity. Halogens bulbs dim over time and have a sudden death without any signs. Keep an eye out on them and get them replaced with LED alternatives if possible.

Drive Defensive

Spend more time analysing the behaviour of the vehicle in front. Make sure that you don’t make panic movements. Accelerate and decelerate at a constant pace. During night driving there is a higher chance that you might encounter an intoxicated driver around your car. Let the people in haste pass.

Defensive driving

Be more alert and if you are tired yourself then pull over and take a nap. A sleepy driver is more dangerous than a drunk driver.

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Anti Glare Flim

IRVM Night Driving

Equip the IRVM of the car with an Anti-glare film. Also, make use of the night mode on your mirror. Some of the modern cars come with an auto-dimming rearview mirror. Even if you are botherd by the lights of the car behind you make sure that you never lose the track of what’s behind.

Beware of Mr No-Headlight

Car with xenon headlights fast drive on road at nigh

A lot of careless drivers forget to turn on lights at night. With the new safety norms, 2 wheelers come with an all-time headlight on features. Sadly this is not the case with cars and one car see some of the people driving around the city with no headlights. Keeping your headlight off not only reduces your visibility but also does not illuminate your dashboard which might lead to speed violations.

Maintain Your Windshield

Night Driving Car film

It is the only non-mechanical part which enables a safe driving. If you have a film on it make sure its not very dark. Also, invest in an antiglare film rather than a dark tint. If it has developed scratches on it then get them removed to improve visibility.

Understand Beam Codes

Use HighBeam only when extremely needed. Adjust the leveller of the HighBeam. Make sure if someone is flashing their HighBeam and holding it then it means they want you to slow down and let them pass. If they shine a high beam and switch to low beam then it is a sign that is its safe to pass.

Light Beams Night Driving

Be considerate to heavy vehicles as they have to look at a lot of factors while driving. Don’t shine high beam to say hi.

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