Before we begin this, let us understand that that the Nexon is a compact SUV and the Baleno is a premium hatchback. Both are absolutely different vehicles but can be compared as they fall in the similar price point. The Nexon is about Rs 1 lakh more than the Baleno and if you can afford the Nexon XZ+ (top model) either in petrol or diesel, depending on the type you need, you should procure the Tata compact SUV. The Baleno is the best value for money premium hatchback and it is a lot cheaper than the Hyundai Elite i20, while the Tata Nexon is the most value for money compact SUV, about Rs 40,000 cheaper than the Maruti Vitara Brezza. We do a Tata Nexon vs Maruti Baleno comparison.

Another important aspect that goes missing in most of the comparisons is the guidance on budget. If you are looking at the Nexon top end, and can afford one, then pick up the Nexon. Don’t think again. If you are on a tight budget, we will guide you which is a better buy. Now, let us begin with the analysis. Different variants offer different features and they vary in both the vehicles. If you are looking at the top model of Baleno and mid-level Nexon, then pick up the Baleno itself. Moving on to the interiors of both the vehicles.

Tata Nexon vs Maruti Baleno Interiors

Maruti Baleno RS interior

The Baleno has interiors that look different from any other Marutis. We have first time seen vertical AC vents and a newly designed climate control. There is a stylish instrument cluster and it does have graphics that showcases torque and bhp. The steering wheel is the same one on the other Marutis. It has a large touchscreen system with vertical AC vents and climate climate underneath. All black interiors on the Baleno. It has features like push start and stop button, reverse camera, dual airbags, ABS, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay also. The plastic quality doesn’t seem very premium on offer. The fit and finish is good but the touch and feel of the plastics could be better. In terms of space, there is more than ample head room and knee room in both the rows. The front seats are fairly comfortable, while the rear is a squeeze for three. There is no rear AC vent and the recline for the back seat is also not sufficient. This makes it a tad uncomfortable for long trips. The boot space is more than sufficient.

Tata Nexon interior

Nexon has interiors that you would have never seen on a Tata vehicle. They look trendy with good quality plastic. The touchscreen system is well integrated into the system. The dash board has black and brushed aluminium finish. There is the same steering wheel from the Tiago family, instrument cluster is also similar. But the touchscreen is all new and it gets climate control too. In terms of features, push start and stop, reverse camera with dynamic indicator for turning, Android Auto, dual airbags and ABS — these last two safety features are standard. The materials used feel great and even their quality is nice. In terms of space, the Nexon has an upper hand. The rear seats can have three people sitting in comfort. There are rear AC vents also with blower speed control also. The boot space is also more than sufficient. On the inside, the Nexon is the clear winner.

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Tata Nexon vs Maruti Baleno Engine and Transmission


The Baleno’s 1.2-litre petrol engine churns about 84bhp and comes with 115Nm of maximum torque. This engine comes with a five-speed manual and CVT options. The biggest plus of this engine is its refinement and even performance. There is more than sufficient power to drive or overtake from the word go. This is the best petrol engine in the premium hatchback segment. Then there is the Nexon’s 1.2-litre turbo petrol that produces about 108bhp of power and close to 180Nm of torque. This engine has a six-speed manual transmission. This engine also has good enough performance, in fact better than the Baleno. But for city driving, the Baleno wins it hands down. It needs lesser gear shifts to drive daily in the city. On the highway, Nexon will have an upper hand.

Tata Nexon Diesel engine

In the diesel engines also, Nexon has better performance and even insulation too. The Nexon’s interiors are a lot quieter than the Baleno in the diesel engine. The Tata engine is bigger at 1.5-litre with 108bhp, 260Nm and 6-speed manual. Maruti offers 1.3-litre, 5-speed manual, 75bhp and 190Nm.

Tata Nexon vs Maruti Baleno Mileage

Mileage in CityMileage on Highway

In terms of mileage, both the vehicles have good efficiency. On one side the Nexon has better performance, but in efficiency both are the same. The petrol on both has a mileage of close to 13km/l in the city and about 18km/l on the highway. The diesel returns around 16km/l in the city and about 22km/l on the highway. There isn’t a major difference in the performance of Tata Nexon vs Maruti Baleno.

Tata Nexon vs Maruti Baleno Service and Warranty

Maruti Baleno RS vs Maruti Baleno

The service interval for Maruti Suzuki Baleno is 10,000kms and it has a warranty of 2 years and 40,000kms. There Nexon on the other hand has 15,000kms service interval and 2 years warranty with 75,000kms. Maruti has a better service network, but Tata is offering better service interval, which reduces visits to the workshop. There isn’t a major difference in the service cost of the two, and even the resale maybe as even the Nexon is a good demand in the market. Maruti will have an upper hand in resale, but the margin won’t be a lot. 

Tata Nexon

Which is the best pick?

BudgetDaily Driving FuelVehicle/Variant
Rs 6.5 lakhsPetrolNexon XE
Rs 7 lakhsPetrolBaleno Delta
Rs 7.5 lakhsLess than 50kmsPetrol Baleno Zeta
Rs 7.5 lakhs More than 50 kmsDieselNexon XE
Rs 8 lakhsLess than 50kmsPetrol Baleno Alpha
Rs 8 lakhsMore than 50 kmsDieselNexon XM
Rs 8.5 lakhsLess than 50kmsPetrol Baleno Alpha
Rs 8.5 lakhsMore than 50 kmsDieselBaleno Zeta
Rs 9 lakhsLess than 50kmsPetrol Nexon XZ+
Rs 9 lakhsMore than 50 kmsDieselBaleno Alpha
Rs 9.5 lakhsLess than 50kmsPetrol Nexon XZ+
Rs 9.5 lakhsMore than 50 kmsDieselBaleno Alpha
Rs 10 lakhsLess than 50kmsPetrol Nexon XZ+
Rs 10 lakhsMore than 50 kmsDieselNexon XZ+
Rs 10.5 lakhsLess than 50kmsPetrol Nexonz XZ+
Rs 10.5 lakhsMore than 50 kmsDieselNexon XZ+

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