The luxury sedan segment has seen some action lately. This segment of ₹ 25-40 lakhs had turned drab sometime back as buyers had shifted their focus towards SUVs. However, with the recent launches and product updates, it seems that buyers are returning to buy these cars,though not so high in numbers. The Volkswagen Passat, which was withdrawn from the market has been relaunched recently. We compare it to another updated product in this segment which is the new Skoda Superb. How do these two compare? Which one should you buy? We tell you in the Volkswagen Passat vs Skoda Superb Comparison.


Volkswagen Passat front

The Volkswagen Passat comes in an all new avatar now. It is built on the MQB platform. The Passat gets a new look, in line with modern VW products. The front grille runs end to end as a single piece between the headlamps, which seems to be integrated into it. It is similar to the Tiguan. The headlamps look unique and are full LED ones.

Volkswagen Passat side

They have daytime runnng LEDs surrounding the lamps. This looks really cool and classy as well. The side sees a silhouette that is reminiscent of a coupe, as the roofline slopes towards the rear. There is a bold shoulder line that gives a lot of character to the car.

Volkswagen Passat rear

The rear is nothing to write home about. It looks similar to the earlier version, but a little sharper this time. The alloy wheels are attractive 17-inch ones.

Skoda Superb front

The Skoda Superb has also got a facelift last year. This car is also built on the same MQB platform that the Passat uses. The front grille has vertical chrome slats and even gets a chrome surround. The daytime running LEDs and indicator lamps are enclosed in the same housing. The fog lamp’s design too is well chiseled.

Skoda Superb sideThe hood has prominent lines and the centre forms a slender nose. Another very attractive styling are the intricately detailed headlights, which celebrate the renowned Bohemian glass cutting skills. The bi-xenon headlamps are engraved with a decorative cut to make it look appealing. The Superb is longer than the Passat by 106mm.

Skoda Superb rear

Design and styling is a matter of choice and though both are good looking cars, our preference is the Superb, coz of its sharper looks.


Volkswagen Passat interior4

The Passat gets all new interiors. Just like the exterior front grille, the dashboard has a single piece look. The aircon vents are continuous from end to end and follow the same design language. The interior theme is black so looks sporty. There are wood inserts on the dah and door pads that make it premium. The instrument console is interesting with deep set in twin dials. The steering wheel is borrowed from the Polo / Vento. There is a touchscreen that feels good to operate and gets all the bells and whistles expected in this segment.The seats are comfortable with electric adjustment for driver and passenger. The driver seat additionally gets a lower back massage function too. What I particularly like was the two way adjustable head-restraints, which is up-down and back-forth. The rear is pretty spacious but has an intrusive tunnel, which makes the third passenger difficult to be seated. The boot gets an electric opening.

Skoda Superb interior4

The Skoda Superb gets a dual tone interior them – black and beige. This feels more airy as compared to the Passat. The dashboard is standard Skoda style with a good feel and solid build. The instrument cluster is not as exciting as the Passat and the steering wheel is also common to other Skodas. The touchscreen system has similar functionality like the Passat. The front seats have electric adjustment and the passenger seat can be easily adjusted from the rear as well, due to easily accessible controls for rear passengers. The rear of the Superb has more legroom than the Passat. It gets identical rear AC vents with climate control. The rear seats feel more plush as well. This car excels in rear seat comfort.


VW PassatSkoda Superb
Length (mm)47674861
Width (mm)18321864
Height (mm)14561483
Wheelbase (mm)27862841
Kerb Weight (kg)15351494

Engine and Performance

VW PassatSkoda Superb
Engine Type2.0-litre TDI2.0-litre TDI
Max Power 175bhp @ 3600-4000rpm175bhp @ 3600-4000rpm
Max Torque 350Nm @ 1500-3500rpm350Nm @ 1500-3500rpm
Transmission6-Speed DSG6-Speed DSG


Volkswagen Passat engineBoth cars share the same engine, diesel that is. The Passat is offered only in diesel, whereas the Superb also has a petrol option. We are hence, comparing only the diesels. The diesel engines of both these cars have similar specs. A 2.0-litre TDI engine with 175bhp of power and 350Nm of torque is what you find in both of them. However, their behavior is slightly different from each other.

Skoda Superb Engine

The Passat feels punchier of the the two. There is a sudden surge of torque you feel when you hit the gas. This thing is not so evident in the Superb as the acceleration is more linear. The Superb feels more relaxed and the Passat is the more eager beast here. So if outright performance is what you seek, then it is the Passat which feels better.

Ride and Handling

Volkswagen Passat motion 1

Though both cars share the same platform, there is a slight difference in the ride and handling department. The Passat has a stiffer low speed ride as compared to the Superb. The Superb feels more comfortable on bad patches. Especially, if you talk about rear seat comfort, it is the Superb that takes the cake. It is also more spacious at the rear.

Skoda Superb motion 1

The Volkswagen Passat is clearly more driver focussed, hence when it comes to handling, it has the upper hand. High speed cornering feels a bit more confidence inspiring in the Passat. So, there is a clear distinction between both cars. One focusing on the driver more and the other on the rear passengers.


When it comes to features, both cars are almost evenly matched. The Superb gets easy adjustment access to the front passenger seat from the rear. The boot of the Superb also opens like a hatch, thereby making it very convenient to load luggage. The Passat on the other hand gets full LED headlamps, 360 degree view during parking, tyre pressure monitoring, electric rear blind and nine airbags, while the Superb gets eight airbags. Both cars get a host of features like hands free parking and automatic boot opening.

Service and Warranty

The VW Passat offers a 2 years, unlimited kms warranty, whereas the Skoda Superb offers a 4 years, 100,000 kms warranty. Both cars have a 15,000 kms service interval. After sales service is an area of concern for both these brands, as they are not regarded as good as their Japanese counterparts, in this area.

2017 Volkswagen Passat vs Skoda Superb Price

On-road, Delhi Price


VW PassatSkoda Superb

Base Diesel

₹35.4 lakhs (Comfortline)₹34.2 lakhs (Style)

Top Diesel

₹39.0 lakhs (Highline)₹38.2 lakhs (L&K)

The Passat is slightly more expensive as compared to the Superb. Volkswagen positions itself as a more premium brand than Skoda. Also the VW Passat offers a few features more than the Superb, thus justifying the price to a certain extent. It is also the newer car of the two.


It is difficult to choose a clear winner in this comparison, as both cars are more or less identical in a lot of things. Ultimately it boils to to one’s own preference, related to the brand, looks, interior feel and comfort. The Volkswagen Passat is priced around a lakh more than the Superb, in terms of on-road price. While this difference isn’t too much in this segment, we still find the Superb to be a better rounded package, as it offers more comfort for rear passengers. As this segment has more number of rear seat users, this becomes an important factor to consider. However, if driving pleasure is what is more important to you, then the Passat is the one to go for. Either ways, you won’t make a bad decision. For those who love to drive themselves, the Passat is a better pick.



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