Hatchbacks in India are also seeing a rejuvenation of kinds. There are those which are playing the price card and offering great value, then there are those who are offering an all new experience and a premium touch. Maruti has launched the Ignis with the latter in mind. In many aspects it is a segment first and has created a lot of buzz. We pitch the Ignis against another popular hatchback, which has redefined the meaning of ‘value for money’, the Tata Tiago.

Though these two cars fall are different in their pricing, some models do overlap. We compare these two hatchbacks and tell you which one is a better buy. Read further to know more about Maruti Ignis vs Tata Tiago Comparison.

Maruti Ignis vs Tata Tiago Price

Maruti Ignis (Petrol)Tata Tiago (Petrol)
SigmaINR 4.5 lakhsXBINR 3.2 lakhs
DeltaINR 5.1 lakhsXEINR 3.7 lakhs
ZetaINR 5.7 lakhsXMINR 4.0 lakhs
Delta AMTINR 5.7 lakhsXTINR 4.3 lakhs
AlphaINR 6.6 lakhsXZINR 4.9 lakhs
Zeta AMTINR 6.3 lakhs


Maruti Ignis (Diesel)Tata Tiago (Diesel)
DeltaINR 6.4 lakhsXBINR 3.9 lakhs
ZetaINR 6.9 lakhsXEINR 4.4 lakhs
AlphaINR 7.8 lakhsXMINR 4.8 lakhs
Delta AMTINR 6.9 lakhsXTINR 5.1 lakhs
Zeta AMTINR 7.4 lakhsXZINR 5.7 lakhs


The Tiago is more affordable as compared to the Ignis. The top end version of Tiago is similar to the low-end Ignis in price. So comparison is not so much about the price, but as to what you would satisfy you better.

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Maruti Ignis vs Tata Tiago front

Maruti Ignis vs Tata Tiago Specifications

Maruti IgnisTata Tiago
Displacement1.2 L Petrol1.2 L Petrol
Power83 bhp84 bhp
Torque113 Nm114 Nm
Transmission 5-speed M/AMT5-speed M/AMT


Maruti IgnisTata Tiago
Displacement1.3-litre Diesel1.05-litre Diesel
Transmission 5-speed M/AMT5-speed manual


The Maruti Ignis share its engines with its other siblings, namely Swift, Dzire and Baleno. Hence the engines we see here are the 1.2-litre petrol and the 1.3-litre diesel. Both of these engines are powerful and good performers. The petrol engine in particular is our favourite and is great to drive in the city. These engines are mated to a five-speed manual gearbox and there is also an option of an AMT on both petrol and diesel.

The Tiago on the other hand has less powerful engines in comparison. The petrol is a 1.2-litre but with 3 cylinders and the diesel is a 1.05-litre engine again with 3 cylinders. So in comparison to the Ignis these engines of Tiago are not as good performers. There is a five-speed manual gearbox available on the Tiago and there is also an AMT, however, only in petrol. In terms of AMT, the Ignis functions much better.

Maruti Ignis side

Maruti Ignis vs Tata Tiago Dimensions

Maruti IgnisTata Tiago
Length x Width x Height3700 x 1695 x 1595 mm3746 x 1647 x 1535 mm
Wheelbase2435 mm2400 mm
Kerb Weight825-960 kgs1080 kgs
Wheel Size15-inch alloys14-inch alloys
Boot Space260-litres242-litres


There is not much difference in the external dimensions of both cars. Ignis though is wider than the Tiago. It also features 15-inch alloy wheels compared to Tiago’s 14-inch. There is not much difference in the boot space either.

Tata Tiago AMT side motion

Maruti Ignis vs Tata Tiago Mileage

Maruti IgnisTata Tiago
Diesel26.8 km/l27.2 km/l
Petrol20.8 km/l23.8 km/l

The mileage of the Ignis and the Tiago are closely matched . However, these figures are as claimed by the companies and not real life figures. There will not be much difference between the two even in real life driving conditions. But if you see, Ignis is a more powerful car and yet is fuel efficient. This is achievable as the Ignis is a light car as well.

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Maruti Ignis vs Tata Tiago Features

The Maruti Ignis is positioned as a premium car and hence it also retails through their Nexa showrooms. The Ignis thus is a feature loaded car that gets a touchscreen system with Android Auto and Apple Car play, Projector headlamps, LED DRLS, ambient lighting etc. It also gets dual front airbags and ABS as standard across all variants. The Tiago does not offer airbags and ABS on all variants. It also doesn’t get a touchscreen system, but has a good Harman audio system with 8 speakers. However, interns of feature offerings, the Ignis a clear winner

Maruti Ignis vs Tata Tiago Design 

The Ignis is designed more like a micro SUV. It has tall boxy proportions that make it look different in a crowd. It gets a floating roof with customization options. The front grille also is unique and encompasses the headlamps  It is sure to be big selling point here in India. The rear has go a chamfered look which may not be to everyone’s liking. The Tiago ihas a very balanced look. Though it is not as striking as the Ignis, it has neat lines and is well designed. Any colour suits the Tiago, such is its design. The Tiago looks like a traditional hatchback.

Maruti Ignis vs Tata Tiago Interiors

Maruti Ignis interior

The interior design of there two care is also different, while the Ignis has funky and trendy interiors, the Tiago settles for a traditional layout. While the interiors of both these cars are good, the Ignis definitely feels more premium and sophisticated. The Ignis also offers more space inside, it has better rear legroom as well. Tiago does have good interiors as compared to the segment and the price you pay for it.

Tata Tiago interior


While the two cars cannot be compared straight because of the difference in price, we have compared them to let you know which car offers more. While the Tiago is very good value for money, the Ignis takes this adjective much further and offers a lot more that an evolved customer seeks. In the safety aspect, airbags and ABS comes as standard, then there is an AMT option on both petrol and diesel. Both engines of the Ignis are proven ones and are powerful and fuel efficient at the same time. In our opinion, unless you are hard pressed on your budget and are extremely price conscious, the Maruti Ignis will make better sense, in all aspects of car ownership as compare to the Tata Tiago.

Maruti Ignis vs Tata Tiago rear


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  • Both Ignis and Tiago are good choices. The Tiago top-end – XZ+ now comes with more features and looks newer in its exterior design. The Ignis is also good. And is quieter than the Tiago. Ignis is a good city runabout.

  • sir, I watched your comparison between ignis and tiago. Before this watching I was fixed on tiago xz+ but I changed my mind towards ignis. I was much confused about tiago to buy as my friends told me that tiago cabin is noisy. I was dillydallying. Because my budget to buy a car is 6-7 lakhs. I think Ignis stands in my budget. So, after your review on both I made my plan to buy Ignis. Please comment on my view. And suggest me a better car. Thank you.