There it is. Two capable off-roaders with similar dimensions going against each other. The upcoming Jeep Compass and the Volkswagen Tiguan will be priced similarly. So, which one should be your choose and why? We help you understand both the products in detail. This will include the design, features on offer, engine performance, on road and off road performance and to some extent badge value too. This is a direct spec-comparison. We shall be looking doing a detailed comparison of the Volkswagen Tiguan vs Jeep Compass, when we lay our hands on both these SUVs and drive them back-to-back.

Volkswagen Tiguan vs Jeep Compass Design

2017 Jeep Compass 1

Design is subjective! Styling is something we can debate about and never settle with any answer. Which one looks better? We leave this to you. But then, we reckon the Jeep Compass does appeal us more. To begin with, it has the seven vertical slats like any other Jeeps and it does look cool. The headlamps looks stylish and the front looks muscular. The side profile seems a bit boxy, but it does have a charm. Our audience will like the design, maybe not its proportions as it seems too compact. The rear also looks stylish and this has its charm.

Volkswagen Tiguan side

On the other hand, the Tiguan looks more reserved comparatively. The front is similar to the VW family look. It is the side profile that does stand out and looks more like an expensive German SUV, probably like a BMW X3. At the same time, the rear looks somewhat different and it could have mixed opinions.

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Volkswagen Tiguan vs Jeep Compass Interiors

2017 Jeep Compass

On the inside, the Jeep Compass does look good. The dashboard comes loaded with a 7-inch UConnect infotainment system. Then there are multiple features on offer too. Reverse camera, bluetooth, MirrorLink are a part of a the infotainment system. There should be leather seats. Where the Jeep Compass is likely to have an advantage is the second seat space. It has better knee room and head room for the rear passengers. In India, this is where the owner will be spending more time, as there will be many chauffeur driven UVs. So, the Compass does have on advantage here.

Volkswagen Tiguan interior

The Tiguan on the other hand feels more premium. The dash layout looks more premium and it seems like a luxurious German car. In features, there won’t be a major difference between the two. Where there will be a difference, it will be in the quality of elements (majorly the look and feel). The boot space won’t change much in terms of space.

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Volkswagen Tiguan vs Jeep Compass Engine and Transmission

2017 Jeep Compass

The Jeep Comapss shall come in with a 1.4-litre T-Jet (petrol) engine churning about 160bhp of power and it will be offered with a six-speed manual transmission. There will be a 2.0-litre diesel engine as well, producing 170bhp of power and it will come with manual and dual-clutch transmission options. The Volkswagen Tiguan too will come with a 2.0-litre diesel engine producing 177bhp of power and it will be made available with six-speed manual and dual-clutch transmission options. Both shall come with 2WD and 4WD options. The powertrain and even the drivability on the duo will be at par. There won’t be a major difference in the driving dynamics also. Even to off road, both will be good with Jeep likely to have an advantage.

Volkswagen Tiguan vs Jeep Compass Price Point

Volkswagen Tiguan rear

Difficult to say this, but Jeep might just be more affordable than the VW Tiguan. However, the brand has an uphill task in their hands. It is to enhance the brand’s reach and get it to many more cities. At the moment, VW has a stronger network than Jeep. With the Compass  they will have to get going on making a wider network. But with Jeep’s local production, it will have an advantage in the price on the VW Tiguan.


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