Renault Captur vs Renault Duster are two SUVs from the French automaker. The Duster began its journey as a Dacia and now as a Renault it gets some additional features too. The Captur is more of a modern SUV that is rugged like the Duster but comes with a lot of frills. The Renault Duster and Captur are two good options to consider. Which one should you buy?

Renault has just announced the launch of its new SUV, Captur. This will be launched by October. Renault Duster hasn’t been doing well for the French automaker since the entry of Hyundai Creta. It is looking at countering the premium looking Korean SUV with this. The Captur is bigger than the Duster, looks more urban and modern and even offers more features and space too.

The Captur shall see a price tag more than that of the Duster. Renault will want to give more premium appeal to the Captur as that is what a majority of the buyers have been looking for in an SUV. The Captur will have a lot of similarity in price to the Duster. What will be the difference? Which is a better choice? We shall tell you in the comparison.

Renault Captur vs Renault Duster Price in India

The Captur and the Duster are two good SUVs. The Captur and Duster won’t too different in pricing, and the Captur will be a better option to consider for India. The Captur should cost about ₹ 17.5 lakhs while the Duster will be about ₹ 16 lakhs. The pricing of the Captur will be higher than the Duster. It will have more features, space and even more premium interiors too. Hence it has a higher price.

Renault Kaptur vs Renault Duster
New Renault Duster action

Renault Captur vs Renault Duster Features

The Captur has more features than the Duster, be it keyless entry, push start and stop shall be offered. There will be some more additions too. There will be rear AC vents with a 12V charging socket. There will be a more stylish looking centre console, and the touchscreen is likely to get better resolution. There will be reverse camera, navigation and even MirrorLink mostly. The rear seats should even have an armrest as well.

But what sets Captur apart from the Duster is the quality and the rich premium fit and finish. This makes the Captur more premium and appealing, as the Duster feels a lot more crude comparatively. The other features on the two are touchscreen system, dual airbags, navigation, ABS, Eco mode, Climate control and even steering mounted audio controls. We reckon the Captur could get an option of more airbags.

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Renault Captur vs Renault Duster Design

There is a major difference in the styling of the two SUVs. On one side, it is the Renault Duster. This SUV isn’t a Renault product, it has been designed by Dacia. The brand that has been making affordable cars for the European market. As Renault did not want to have two brands in India, it re-badged this SUV for India. It does done the same for the Brazilian market too. The Renault showrooms sell Duster as well. The styling is rugged and everything has been designed to meet a particular cost. This design resembles the family look of the Logan, Sandero and even the Lodgy.

On the other hand, the Captur gets the styling elements of the Renault family. It does look a lot more modern and urban. The two SUVs are based on the same platform, but there is a stark difference in their appearance. The Captur has a lot more things going for it. The overall styling makes it seem a lot more stylish and appealing. This is when the Captur does stand out in the crowd. For something the Captur will be the ideal pick, else go for the Duster if the requirement is of something more rugged and muscular.

Renault Captur vs Renault Duster Space

In terms of space, Captur will have a bit more space. This is due to the fact that it is bigger than the Duster. The other important aspect of the Kaptur will be the seat comfort. There will be much better cushioning and support on the seats than the Duster. This will mean that the Captur will be a lot more comfortable, not just in space but even seating comfort. The rear seat will be more spacious and comfortable in the Captur. We even expect there to be rear AC vent and even an arm rest too.

In terms of boot space, the Captur should have a larger boot, but the difference will be minor. There won’t a sea of difference in it. So, the Captur has more benefits than the Duster at the moment when it comes to the space and even the comfort.

Renault Captur vs Renault Duster Engines

The Captur will have a 1.6-litre petrol engine and a 1.5-litre diesel engine. The petrol engine churns about 103bhp of power and it comes with a five-speed manual transmission and a CVT will be offered too. The diesel will churn about 108bhp of power and shall be offered with a six-speed manual and AMT options. This is the same engine that is also made available on the Duster. However we aren’t sure if the 85bhp version will make it on the Captur. Renault is likely to stick with the more powerful version. This will help them add more psychological value to the product.

Renault Captur rear

The Duster gets the additional engine of 85bhp of the 1.5-litre engine. This comes with a five-speed manual only. This is the extra engine on the Duster. We aren’t sure if the Duster will continue with the AWD version and even the 108bhp version once the Captur has been launched.

Renault Captur vs Renault Duster Mileage

In petrol engines, there shall not be a major difference in the mileage. The Captur petrol will have lesser mileage as it is heavier. In diesel. there will some a higher difference. The Duster will have better mileage on the 85bhp version and the 108bhp version of the Captur will have about 15% lesser mileage. so, the Duster 85bhp returns about 16-17km/l in the city and the Captur 108bhp will have 14km/l. This will mean that the Captur will better performance and this will help them to increase the price gap. If terms of performance on the petrol engine, the Duster should have an advantage when it comes to performance, while the diesel engine have better performance on the Captur is 108bhp is discontinued on the Duster.


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