Swift has been dominating its segment for a very long time. Though many manufacturers have tried to increase their market share, none have been quite successful. Hyundai decided to change this and launched the Grand i10 Nios. Ok, so according to Maruti, the Swift is a segment above the i10 Nios. Still, if you are in the market for hatchback and want to find a similar alternative to swift, i10 Nios is your best option.

Price and Variants

Hyundai Grand i10 Nios

Maruti Suzuki SwiftHyundai Grand i10 Nios
PriceRs. 5.19  to Rs. 8.02 lakhRs. 5.06 to Rs. 8.29 lakh
Variants7 variants and 1 engine option15 variants with 3 engine options

2018 Maruti Swift Motion 1

So clearly the i10 Nios base price beats the Swift. But if you are opting for the top model, The Swift is more affordable. There are 3 engine options in the Nios for variety but the Swift has the tried and tested one.

External Looks

The Grand i10 Nios has a big front grille and chrome accents throughout the car and more in the rear end. These are the two things that will catch your eye the first time you look at the Nios. Swift, on the other hand, looks wide and bulgy and sticks to the ground. The Nios has retained some elements of the tallboy look but in the Swift, it is always about being close to the ground.

Maruti designers too have done a fantastic job of adding a sporty touch to the exteriors of the car. The new Swift retains the heritage of its predecessors but brings new bells and whistles to the table too. The Nios is quite similar to the previous generations in terms of size but the Swift has definitely increased. But there are many areas where the i10 leads the Swift. For an in-depth Hindi review of Hyundai Grand i10 Nios click here


Maruti Suzuki SwiftHyundai Grand i10 NiosDifference
Ground clearance163mm
Boot space268L260L+8L
Fuel tank37L37L0

So the Swift clearly beats the i10 in terms of overall dimensions. Though the i10 looks taller of both the cars, it’s the Swift which takes the victory in this segment. If size is your priority, Swift is the way to go.



Starting things off with Swift, the interior carries an overall black theme. Whether you like it or not depends on your personal taste but it does add a sporty touch to the overall package. The flat-bottom steering wheel with steering-mounted controls feels sporty and has some weight to it. The huge dials in the instrument cluster will always grab your attention and feel premium and sporty. The front row seats are wider than the Nios but we will get to that later. Riding comfort has been a major selling point of this car and this generation is no different. There are lots of storage spaces throughout the cabin, both front and rear of the car.

Maruti Swift 2018 interior

One area where Maruti could have improved is the infotainment system. There is nothing wrong but the 7-inch touchscreen feels dated. You get Android Auto and Apple car play in both the cars but the Swift is behind the Nios in this parameter. LED headlamps are a segment-first feature by Maruti Suzuki and are a welcome addition. Kudos Maruti!!

Hyundai Grand i10 Nios Dashboard

Coming back to the i10 as soon as you get inside the car, you are greeted by brighter colors which help to increase the overall size of the cabin. Rotary AC vents and part-digital instrument cluster looks and feels premium. Though you won’t get as much storage space as the Swift, The i10 comes with wireless charging, a segment-first feature in its domain. The 8-inch touchscreen here is definitely better than the Swift and feels and looks much more premium. Features are limited compared to other Hyundai cars but there are enough features to get you through.

Engine and performance

Maruti Suzuki SwiftHyndai Grand i10 Nios
Dispalcement1197cc(Petrol)1186cc(Diesel) 1197cc,998cc(Petrol), 1197cc(CNG)
Max Power81.80bhp@6000rpm (VXI)81.86bhp@6000rpm(magna)
Max Torque113Nm@4200rpm (VXI)113.75Nm@4000rpm (magna)
Fuel efficiency21.27 km/l (VXI)20.7km/l (magna)

Nios engine

For Vxi and Magna, both cars have the same performance numbers. However, i10 has more options to choose from. If having Diesel is a necessity too, you can only turn towards the i10. Power delivery in i10 is slightly lower than the Swift and you feel the torque less too in the i10.

Swift engine

Swift, on the other hand, feels planted to the ground and has minimal body-roll. You feel more confident while pushing the limits of Swift but the i10 does not disappoint a lot too. But if performance is your major priority, you are better off with the peppy Swift.


If you want to know about 5 reason why Swift is the boss Click Here. However, the i10 is not very far enough and is a good alternative for city purposes. Nothing can beat the experience of a decade and Swift is rightly the better choice among the two cars.


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