A first for a Royal Enfield, which is a 1000cc bike has been launched in India at ₹8.08 lakh (on-road). Now this bike has not been launched by the company themselves. This bike, known as the Carberry Double Barrel 1000 is now available to buyers in India. It carries a V-Twin engine which is built upon the existing engine base. The Royal Enfield Carberry 1000cc has a carbureted engine and has a long stroke which carries forward the legendary thump synonymous to Royal Enfield. Carberry Motorcycles is originally an Australian company, now based in Chhattisgarh, India. The company has been customizing Royal Enfield bikes and this is the latest from them.

The bike has created quite an excitement amongst RE fans, though it is not launched by the bike manufacturer itself. What else does the Royal Enfield Carberry Double Barrel 1000 have? How powerful is it? Is it worth buying? We tell you more about this Indian litre-class bike.

Royal Enfield Carberry 1000cc Price In India

Price (on-road)₹ 8.08 lakh

This bike has been launched at an on-road price of  ₹ 8.08 lakhs. Booking for the Carberry 1000 are now open and it can be booked for an initial sum of ₹ 1 lac, to confirm orders. This is customized bike, hence will take in excess of 6 months for delivery. The bike will be available only on pre-orders.

Royal-Enfield-Carberry 1000cc

Royal Enfield Carberry 1000cc Design

The Royal Enfield Carberry 1000 uses a brand new double cradle frame. This gives the bike the much need rigidity to manage this big engine. The bike maintains the classic look of Royal Enfields and that is what is the biggest draw for this bike. Royal Enfield fans looking for a bigger ‘Bullet’ will find this one interesting. The bike has a slightly longer wheelbase and looks bigger the the regular 500cc bike. It features a single seat, which adds to the classic bike appeal. Most of the other parts are retained from the Royal Enfield Classic bikes.

Royal Enfield Carberry 1000cc Specifications

Engine1000cc, V-Twin, carbureted, air-cooled
Torque82 Nm

The Royal Enfield Carberry Double Barrel 1000 uses a 1000cc engine which is developed from the current engines of Royal Enfield. Set at 55 degrees, this V-Twin engine generates a power of around 52bhp and a healthy torque of 82Nm. This is not a high revving bike and uses the same principle as the current Royal Enfield bikes. It focusses more on low end torque. The engine setup is such that it produces the same thumping effect which endorses it as a Royal Enfield.

Royal-Enfield-Carberry 1000cc1

This engine uses two carburetors and is fitted to to the same 5-speed gearbox. The clutch though is different and is a seven-plate hydraulic unit. The bike is air cooled. Though this one is a carbureted bike, fuel injection one is also in the works and will be launched later. However, we believe than purists who would buy this bike would prefer to have a carburetor. The bike has disc brakes at the front and rear. It also comes with ABS. The twin cylinders merge into a single exhaust.

Royal Enfield Carberry 1000cc Mileage

City16 km/l
Highway20 km/l

Though mileage is not a criteria when buying this machine, it still helps to know what it returns. The Carberry 1000 is expected to return around 16 km/l in city riding conditions. On the highway, the efficiency would increase to around 20km/l. It will depend upon riding conditions and method in which it is ridden.

Royal Enfield Carberry 1000cc Top Speed

Top Speed160 km/h

The Royal Enfield Carberry 1000 is not a fast bike like other in the market. It is all about the feel and classic riding feel. However, the 1000cc engine can propel this bike to around 160km/h, which is a decent speed for this bike.



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