“ You can run, you can hide but you can’t escape my love”, yes those were the words from a song called ESCAPE by Enrique Iglesias. It was a hit at that point of time. Now beside the music it was famous for two other things, the hot and gorgeous Anna Kournikova and the other being the Ducati Monster. If anyone has seen or after reading this will see the video, you cannot forget the scene where Enrique is zooming on the Monster to meet Anna. And truly said you can’t escape the love of either. The Ducati Monster first came out in 1993. It has changed over the years and finally we get the Ducati Monster 797 in 2017. Ducati has finally decided to launch the bike in India on 14th June 2017, so let’s have a look.

Ducati Monster 797 Price

The Ducati Monster 797 competes with the likes of Z900, Street Triple and MT-09. Hence the estimated price bracket would be from INR 9 lakhs to 14 lakhs. We shall know only on arrival.

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Ducati Monster 797 Dimensions

DimensionsDucati Monster 797
Length2099 mm
Width830 mm
Height1080 mm
WheelBase1435 mm
Ground Clearance
Kerb Weight193 kgs
Seat Height805 mm

The Ducati Monster has always been one of the most ideal street naked bikes. With a seat height of 805 it is just about accessible for short riders without being too low for taller riders. The amazing trellis frame and a weight of just 193 kgs for an 800 cc bike make this a very agile bike. To top that up the way Ducati have designed to with a low centre of gravity making it very flickable. At 830 mm the handle is broad but that helps in better handling.

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Ducati Monster 797 Design

The headlamp of the Ducati Monster 797 is the same with a metal ring around it but instead of the Monster badging in the centre there is a LED DRL Strip. That indeed looks gorgeous. Above which is the LCD instrument cluster. The upside down forks is one of the beefiest I have seen. The red trellis frame blends well with the red alloys. The L-Twin that we all love is exposed and easily visible. Now the tank i s not just round but is also well sculpted with a scoop for thigh support.

Ducati Monster 797 2

The seat is generous as always and has a decent space for pillion rider too. The seats are just about right, being not too broad neither too narrow. The yellow mono rear suspension stands out due to the colour. Just below the rider seat is the Italian flag with the 797 badging. It is really small and I only wish Ducati made it bigger. I mean why shame away. The tail lamp is sharp and looks like a spear head. The trellis frame is covered being under the seat but like in front is a bit exposed towards the rear. There are no grab rails but there is a provision to hold under the pillion seat.

Ducati Monster 797 Colours

The Ducati Monsterb is available in the following colours

  • Star White Silk
  • Ducati Red
  • Dark Stealth

Though there is no black as we had seen in the video the Dark Stealth comes somewhat close. But in a rare occasion the Ducati Red is always the favorite.

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Ducati Monster 797 Specifications

VariantDucati Monster 797
Engine803 cc
Power75 hp @ 8250 rpm
Torque69 Nm at 5750 rpm
Bore88 mm
Stroke66 mm

The new 803 cc motor makes a good 75 bhp. This is good cause as it may not be earth shattering like the Z900 but the bike is just 193 kgs. That makes a good power to weight ratio. The 6-speed gearbox is smooth for most of the time and get a bit notchy at occassions. The 69 Nm torque is very well managed and has a wide spread across the band. Frequent change of gear shifts is not required.

Ducati Monster 797 Mileage

PlaceDucati Multistrada 950
City17 km/l
Highway22 km/l
Overall20 km/l
Tank20 litres
Distance320 km


The efficiency may not be too great for a 800 cc as compared to today’s but is good enough. With a tank of 16.5 litres the bike can do an easy 260 km before hitting the fuel. Despite the big 16 litre tank Ducati have managed to keep the bike well balanced and light.

Ducati Monster 797 Ride and Handling

Well this is one of the best mid range naked you can ride. It is a monster on straight roads and is a monster at considering too. Its 193 kg weight is easy to throw around and Ducati have balanced the bike so well that you feel that you are an exceptionally good rider but frankly you are not. It feels more like a super sport without the fairing. The seat is soft and so is the suspension. The seat is easy to reach and is useful for shorter and tall riders.

Ducati Monster 797 3

The brakes are very very good and the bike comes to a halt just like the way it launches. The bike has much power and the lightweight and excellent dynamics make it easy to handle. But that does not mean you test your luck always, after all we are in India. The bike is excellent for amateurs who can handle power as it is not overwhelming. All said and done excellent engineering by Ducati. The tyres provide exceptional grip whether dry or wet or some amount of bad gravel road.



I wonder how Ducati managed a better efficiency figure from a 900 cc bike i.e the Multistrada 950 but couldn’t from the 800 cc i.e the Ducati Monster 797. And neither it is that the Monster is ultra powerful to give less efficiency. Lucky for buyers the tank is bing and 260 km is a decent km run for a tank up on a 800 cc bike. The bike looks great but you will never looks like Enrique and even more will not get Anna. So enjoy the ride and keep your hopes high.


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