The most awaited bike this year has been the Apache RR 310, which has finally been launched. This bike has brought in new benchmarks and excels in most areas. This full fairing sports bike takes on another leader of the segment the KTM RC390. How do these both bikes compare? Which is better? Read further in our TVS Apache RR 310 vs KTM RC 390 Comparison.


Designwise, the RC390 doesn’t get anything new in its model year update. It looks the same as its earlier version, except for revised decals. This bike has unconventional looks and is instantly recognisable on the road. Sharp styling with twin projector beams as headlights, the RC 390 looks mean.

The Apache RR 310 is a very modern looking bike. Its styling is attractive and the twin bi-LED headlamps add a lot of character. From the side its looks like an expensive sports bike. The rear is also unique as it has a differently styled tail lamp


TVS Apache RR 310KTM RC 390
Engine313cc single, liquid-cooled373cc single, liquid-cooled
Power output33bhp43bhp
Torque output27.30Nm36Nm
Suspension (Front)Inverted forksInverted forks 
Suspension (Rear)MonoshockMonoshock
Top Speed160 km/h167 km/h


In terms of performance the RC 390 is way ahead. There is difference of almost 60cc between the two and the RC 390 is has 10bhp more than the Apache RR 310. Bothe these bikes have a six speed gearbox and they also get inverted forks and a mono shock at the rear. Clearly, if performance is the only criteria, then the KTM RC 390 wins hands down.


TVS Apache RR 310 vs KTM RC 390 Features

TVS Apache RR 310KTM RC 390
HeadlampTwin projector LEDTwin Projector Halogen
ABSDual channelDual channel
Brakes (Front)300mm Disc320mm Disc
Brakes (Rear)240mm Disc230mm Disc
Slipper ClutchNoYes
Ride by WireNoYes


In terms of features too, the RC 390 is ahead of the Apache RR 310. The RR 310 does not get a Slipper Clutch and Ride by Wire. However, if you ask us, these features do not make much of a difference in everyday riding. It only matters when you push the bike hard. Apart from these two, most other features are evenly matched

Ride and handling

This is an area also sees quite a lot of difference between the two bikes. The RC 390 is completely track focussed. It has a stiffer suspension set up. This bike is suitable to ride on bad roads. Even the seating position of the RC is very aggressive, which means one has to bend forward to quite an extent. This can be cumbersome for daily commuting

The Apache RTR 310 on the other hand has a softer suspension. Despite this it runs very well on the track. A softer setup means that it can be ridden in bad road conditions with some more ease. Also, the RR 310 has a much more easier seating position. This can be helpful when riddling to work daily or also on longer runs.

TVS Apache RR 310 vs KTM RC 390 Price

ModelEx-showroom Price
KTM RC 390₹2.33 lakhs
TVS Apache RR 310₹2.05 lakhs



The TVS Apache RR 310 is prices at 2.05 Lakhs (ex-showroom) and the RC390 costs 2.33 Lakhs. There is a difference of 30,000 between both bikes, ex-showroom, and it increases in terms of on road price. So which one is better? When it comes to performance no doubt the KTM RC 390 takes the cake. However, if you want best of both worlds, which includes track riding as well as daily commuting, it is the Apache RR 310 that should be you choice. Moreover, it is priced lower, has a lot of usable features and looks more attractive. The RR 310 also comes with superior fit and finish and built quality.  The TVS Apache RR 310, thus comes across as a better overall package


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