The quarter-litre segment (250cc) has been the most balanced segment in terms of price power and mileage. But what if you want one specific bike for your usage? Is there an option that you would relate the most? What does it miss out on? What are its pros? Here are 5 bikes that have the KTM 250 engine but have their USPs.

Bajaj Dominar 250

The Dominar does use a part of the KTM 250 Engine. The Headers have been changed which results in lower compression and better mileage. Along with better mileage, this is the cheapest way you can access the KTM 250 engine at Rs 1.60 lakhs. Along with the USP of being economical, the suspension is more compliant.


The Dominar soaks up bumps very compliantly and offers that perfect companion for pothole road during the daily commute. The bike claims an ARAI mileage of 35 Km/l. The only downside is that the bike does not accelerate fast due to its weight and length. It is much stable at a higher speed because of the same reasons.

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Husqvarna Vitpilen

The Husqvarna Vitpilen is the most latest iteration of the 250cc engine. The bike has a very premium feel and finish. Apart from being an absolute attention grabber the bike also offers an experience which is very close to what could have been the RC 250 from KTM. The KTM 250 engine shine at its peak here with the handling being spot on and in its favour. A complete review of the bike is here to check out – Husqvarna Cafe Racer – True to Itself!


The downside of the bike is the small tank and its riding posture. On can not ride this bike for long intervals without being exhausted or having pain in the wrists. This makes for a great second bike in the garage.

Husqvarna Swartpilen

With the Swartpilen 250, Husqvarna tries to eliminate the problems of riding posture seen on the Vitpilen. The KTM 250 engine is tuned the same way as on the Vitpilen. Also, the surprising fact is that the price of both these bikes is the same at Rs 1.84 lakhs.


The Swartpilen does not do anything out of the ordinary. As a bike, it is the best iteration of the KTM 250 engine. But as a scrambler, it lacks the ground clearance. The seat seems a bit high and the USD forks paired along with the Alloy wheels might not be your pick for an offroad ride. The tyres, however, are specially made and have a block pattern. Mild offroading is the key highlight of the Swartpilent 250.

KTM Duke 250

The KTM Duke 250 is a bike which introduced the KTM 250 engine. It was the most balanced Duke of all with a compliant suspension and a decent touring range. Now the downside to this bike is the that the Husqvarna’s undercut the bike in terms of price and the Duke 250 has become synonymous as settle down version of the Duke 390.

KTM Duke 250

The seats on the Duke 250 are a bit hard and the quality and fit finish of the KTM has been questionable. Apart from that the Duke now also gets LED headlamps which make it look even more like the Duke 390. Read more – KTM Duke 250 better than 390?.

KTM Adventure 250

The best yet version of the 250 engine is yet to come. The engine offers the perfect low-end grunt for the offroad. Only an Adventure bike is missing in the lineup. Some spy shots of the bike have been turned up on the internet. It has been spotted with the old halogen bulb that was seen on the Duke 250. KTM ADV 250

Even though the KTM adventure 250 will be cheaper than the 390 it will be the most expensive bike with the KTM 250 engine. Do not expect it to have adjustable front suspension as the 390 also does not get it. The launch of this bike will let us know more details about the same.

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