Sports bikes have been one of the most eye-appealing segment in motorcycles. Sportbikes receive a lot of attention from everyone on the road and this is not just limited to the design. A lot of factors pitch in giving these bikes the wow factor. But what if all this offered in a budget? Here are 4 bikes from the Budget Sports Bike segment which seem to bring the sportbike experience in a pocket-friendly way.

Suzuki Gixxer 150 SF

So if we consider price the Gixxer makes it to the top of the list. At Rs 1.24 lakhs this bike makes the easiest way to Budget Sports Bike. This being said it also has the most latest design which is also shared with the Gixxer 250. Apart from the paint scheme and decals, there is no upfront feature that separates it from the Gixxer 250.

gixxer 150

Review in short – The way you sit is comfortable and the riding posture is relaxed. It gives a good mileage of about 60km/l. The power is good along with a low-end grunt of torque. In numbers, the bike produces a power of 13.6 bhp. The rider and pillion seat is comfortable. The brakes are the only issue which you need to check according to your preference. In terms of safety this bike only gets single-channel ABS.

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KTM RC 125

The KTM RC 125 has the smallest displacement. But the name KTM and the design that is seen on the RC390 allows it to ask for the price of Rs 1.59 lakhs. This is the least powerful and most expensive bike of the Budget Sports Bike segment. This bike is on this list only for its looks. It has the most expensive hardware like USD forks and the same instrument cluster as the biker RC 390. The public opinion about this bike is high because of the brand value and the RC lineage.

ktm 125 - Budget Sports Bike

Review in short –  Under-powered for the price but has the most powerful 125cc engine. Offers single-channel ABS instead of a dual-channel setup. Handles exactly like a the RC 200 and RC 390. Exhaust note very similar to that of the bigger 390. Difficult to tell apart if you take the decals off. If you can push your budget then you could also go for the RC 200.

Yamaha R15

The Yamaha R15 has been the most iconic and oldest bike in this segment. This bike has improved a lot in its 3rd gen but and has improved a low. At the price of Rs 1.48 lakhs this bike offers a lot if compared against the KTM RC125. This also has looks inspired by the older R1.

Yamaha R15

Review in short – The Yamaha R15 V3 has an aggressive riding stance. This has a commendable grip with the Metzeler radial tyre at the rear. Also, the engine comes with a VVA system which alters the valve clearance as the revs climb. This allows a wider powerband achieving a perfect balance of mileage and power on demand. Read more – Yamaha R15 – Beginner track machine? In terms of Safety, Yamaha R15 comes with dual-channel ABS and makes for the optimum pick at Rs 1.48 lakhs.

Pulsar RS 200

The Pulsar RS 200 has the biggest engine at this price range. At Rs 1.49 lakhs the bike offers the performance that is expected from the 200cc. Also, the riding posture is not too committed and is good for everyday city rides. The design of the bike is unique but it does not have a crazy level of wow factor.

Pulsar 200 Budget Sports Bike

Review in short-  The Pulsar RS 200 is a bike that offers performance that is close to the 250 cc segment. Also, there is dual-channel ABS in terms of safety. The 200cc engine generates 24bhp of power. The key highlight of Pulsar 200 is the suspension which makes it very compliant in the daily city commute.


If we compare all the 4 bikes the Gixxer is a bike for the comfort seeker along with which it also offers phenomenal mileage. The RC 125 is bike which offers the style an appeal of the KTM RC 390. The R15 V3 is a bike that is a great track machine and has the balance between power and mileage. And the Pulsar 200 is for the buyers who are looking for great performance in the city as well as some comfort.

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