Winter is not one of the most active seasons of our country. The cold weather and warmth of blanket are already preventing a large number of people from getting up early nowadays. . Consider a situation where you had a hectic day at work and you are driving back home. There are certain driving strategies that can help you avoid drowsiness during night drives. Accidents only take a small amount of error and time to execute and even a slight nap can put you as well as others on the road at heavy risk. Find out below how not to sleep during driving at night.

1) Get Enough Sleep

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One of the easiest step to follow here is to get adequate sleep in the first place. If you feel any slight symptom of feeling drowsy behind the wheel, give the control to some other driver or postpone the trip until later. While sleep is a varying parameter for different individuals with different schedules, 8 hours of sleep is considered ideal in the medical world. Also, don’t make the cabin atmosphere so calm and soothing that it replicates your bedroom.

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2) Take Turns while driving

If you travelling long distance with someone, always make sure to take turns while driving. If the other passenger does not know how to drive, ask him/her to make sure that you stay awake while driving. Also avoid the co-passenger sleeping just beside the driver seat. If anyone is snoring in the car, pull over and shake them up. You cannot risk yours as well as others lives. More about How not to sleep during driving at night below.

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3) Don’t drive alone

You can only follow the above tip if you follow this tip. You might be a person who likes to travel solo. But usually, you shouldn’t drive alone on long trips or during night hours. There is a high probability of you falling asleep if you are driving alone. While night is the perfect time for getting asleep, cloudy and chilly days also have a similar effect. Humans are hardwired to go into power-saving mode just after the sun sets down.  If there are other passengers in your car, however, make sure you all talk to each other and keep awake. Use of mobile should also be prohibited during long night trips.

4) Avoid alcohol and Opt Caffeine

Driving under the influence of alcohol is illegal in India. If you drink and drive, your reactions become slow and you tend to fall asleep very easily. Do you want a drunk doctor to operate on you? Caffeine can help you overcome any drowsiness that you might be facing while driving. Therefore, one of the best ways to avoid drowsiness during night drives is to grab your part of caffeine before you set out. While caffeine does not guarantee any result, it does tend to make the job easier for you.

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