The Indian automotive car market is a highly sentimental one. People tend to buy cars which are fairly common and used by majority of people.  Maruti Suzuki was the most dominant brand in the market for a very long time.  But then Hyundai entered the Indian market and things started to change for good. Read below about how Hyundai come on par with Maruti.

1)  Feature loaded

Hyundai Verna 2020 Hyundai on par with Maruti
Hyundai Verna 2020 interiors

This is the main USP of Hyundai cars. In a market dominated by affordable vehicles with cheap quality materials, Hyundai wanted to stand out by offering feature-loaded cars in competitive prices. Surely, Hyundai cars cost more than the Mileage king brand but the features department has always been led by Hyundai since the ancient time.  Segment first features are a speciality of new Hyundai cars. Modern-day feature list includes: Wireless charger, Emergency Stop Signal, Ventilated front seats, Twin tip mufflers and smart boot.

2) Engine and Performance

Hyundai on par with Maruti

Hyundai cars are made with a sole purpose in mind: smoothness and performance over mileage. Hyundai was the first car-maker in India to introduce a BS6-compliant turbo-petrol engine with the Venue’s launch.  The other Hyundai engines are also well known for their efficiency and linear power delivery. Engine Maintenance is also never an issue with Hyundai cars.  Even local mechanics nowadays are getting comfortable working with Hyundai cars. More about how Hyundai come on par with Maruti below.

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3) Extended Warranty

New Hyundai Creta Hyundai on par with Maruti

Varied warranty options make Hyundai cars ultra-reliable. You get warranty coverage till 5 years showing the company’s confidence in their products. The new Hyundai cars also come with specialized warranty plans for all different types of riders.  You can opt for a longer-term warranty if you do not use the car much. Wonder warranty option with the 2020 Hyundai Creta BS6 gives freedom to the buyers to choose warranty options according to their preference.

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4) Hyundai cars are future-proof

Hyundai Santro Exterior

Hyundai entered the Indian market with Santro in the 1990s and still the model is sold in its BS6 avatars. Popular Hyundai cars have never been discontinued and led to high sales. Even after 10 years, Hyundai owners never feel their car outdated.  Hyundai is also known for standing apart from the competition. It is not a follower, it’s a creator. Hyundai was also the first car maker to launch a full EV in India in the form of Kona Electric.

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