With the Coronavirus crisis, a lot of manufacturers are moving towards the online sale and purchase of vehicles. These not just include booking but end to end online service where the vehicle is delivered to the doorstep. But as there are advantages of this there are disadvantages too of Online buying. Here is the complete list.


Covid-19 Safety

Online Buying

With online buying procedure, the buyer is safe from coming in contact with other people. This keeps both the parties safe and reduces the spread of Covid-19. Also the efforts of sanitising the products, again and again, will be reduced.

Easier Finances

A lot of manufacturers have provided a lot of attractive finance schemes which makes gives benefits to the customers if they complete the whole process of online buying. This also comes with its con which we have explained further.

Online Buying

The hidden costs are also visible in this process. There is a lot more transparency between the customer and the dealer.

Door Step Convenience

Online Buying

A lot of manufacturers drop off your vehicle at your doorstep. With this kind of customer relationship, one can clearly say that the ‘Customer is King”. Doorstep convenience also acts like an advertisement for the company.  They get the word of mouth advertisement for their product which is the best kind of advertisement that one can get for their product.


Lack of Negotiation Chances

Negotiation - Online Buying

As much as there is a benefit of the customer herewith online buying the companies also have their profit. There is no place for you to negotiate the rates of the vehicle. Also asking for freebies along with the vehicle might be skipped.

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No Cash Discounts

Cash discounts are a big thing while making a big purchase like a vehicle. Due to the complete online transaction method, the full amount is transferred and there is no window for a cash discount. This is also a warning for the customers that if a dealer is asking for extra money for the delivery of the product do make sure that you contact the customer care of this concerned company.  The online payment usually includes all these amounts.

No Touch and Feel

During the online buying procedure, one does not get to touch and feel the product. This is a good idea for a person who has experienced the vehicle previously. This might not be a good idea for a person who is buying a car for the first time.

Touch and feel -

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