You will not find too many negative reviews on usage of Nitrogen in a car or a bike tyre. Cars and bikes if filled with nitrogen will have better performance, mileage and life? True that. But has anyone even bothered to research more on the machines that are used to fill Nitrogen. We at MotorOctane help you understand the same. Read the entire analysis and you will understand how this current scam is working. Because the ground reality for it is something else.

First let’s understand the myths and break them:

This is the first point I will like to highlight and it will end your reason to fill nitrogen. Nitrogen is used in aeroplane tyres and racing cars. Why? Because nitrogen is inert and it has a high boiling point and very low freezing temperature. So, this means that you will not have to worry in a plane if the tyre air has frozen when in the sky. For racing cars, it doesn’t heat up quickly and expand. Nitrogen is inert and doesn’t expand and this is pure 100% nitrogen. But the ones used for cars has about 90-95% nitrogen and other part isn’t. So, in simple words, it isn’t pure nitrogen. This means, that it isn’t inert. So, it doesn’t matter if you fill this fake nitrogen or regular air. So, it will react with the 10-5% air that is present in it.

Nitrogen doesn’t heat up easily. Tyres won’t burst

In pure nitrogen yes, but not in this 90-95% nitrogen. So, the other air molecules will expand like they do and then they will react with nitrogen too.

Nitrogen doesn’t leak easily when compared to Air

So, thats true that the size of the molecules of Nitrogen is bigger than other elements, but not so much is the difference. Already there is 78% nitrogen in the air and this is about 90%. So, 12% more will not make a major difference. Not that the difference in the size of molecules of nitrogen and oxygen is a lot different. So, its a myth only.

Nitrogen deserves a cost

All these bits that talk about Nitrogen being better is fine if you get it for free. If you get 100% pure nitrogen then it is a different story.

We are showing you two videos on Nitrogen in Tyres – One is our detailed explanation on it and then next one is from The Fifth Gear, where they show the performance change in Nitrogen filled tyres for the same car.



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